Friday, August 1, 2008

Jack's Sleep Positions

I don't know if this is common among all babies, but Jack seems to have the most random positions he sleeps in. There are three main positions that we find him in when we go and spy on him sleeping.

1. Power Ranger

One hand straight in the air, we call it the power ranger because he looks like they did when they were morphing from their regular selves into their power ranger alter ego's.

2. Riding a Rollercoaster

Both hands straight in the air like happens on a rollercoaster. The creepiest thing about this is last time Branden and I went to a theme park and were on rollercoasters we went with his friend Russell who called the rollercoaster face and position his sex face.. UCK creepy every time Branden reminds me of it and just so you can be as icked out as I am here is a picture of Branden and Russell on a rollercoaster with their sex faces.

3. Firing an Arrow

I couldn't catch him asleep on this one, but this is right when he woke up. Why is he firing an arrow at me? This is a very, very common one and I really don't get how this or any of the other sleep positions are comfortable in the least.

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Eric and Hilary said...

haha you are hilarious