Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Worst Day EVER!

Today stinks, yesturday stunk too, but today is even worse. Both Jack and I got sick yesturday. Mine is a stomachish thing that does not let me be too far from a washroom at any point in time and we are going to the doctor for Jack later today, but he has the worst cough ever, a super runny nose, diarhea and a fever.

Needless to say I am not at work today. I am home very sick and in pain myself and with a very sick and sad little boy. We are watching on tv both of our favourites, the bachelorette and the wiggles. Good day!

Last night I was in gut wrenching pain and Jack was up every 5 minutes and Branden had to work today. So for the first time ever he slept in our bed out of ease of getting him. And let me say this, it will not be a frequent situation. The kid is the rudest sleeper ever, he refused to sleep the right direction and spent all night wiggling and squirming and coughing and waking up ever 5 minutes with his head shoved into Branden's armpit and his feet kicking me in various places on my face and torso. Seriously even when the kid is dead asleep he's moving! So none of us slept too well at all last night.

So today is about appeasing us both. currently Jack is quite happily playing on the floor, hacking away, with massive amounts of boogers streaming into his mouth. The reason why he's so happy is because i let him play with every electronic in the house. Two wii-motes-check, 2 remotes-check- 2 phones-check, one cell phone-check, and one old camera to top it off. The kid is in electronic heaven. I think when I get the energy to get off the couch I'll add a keyboard into the mix.

I hope he sleeps well today because I need sleep like noone's business.

On a cuter note (and less boogery and disgusting note) Jack is obsessed with stuffed animals lately. Actually make that stuffed animal. My cousin Bailey, his honorary Aunt Bailey bought him this fabulous soft lion thats bigger than he is that he LOVES. Every day when he comes home he runs straight for it throws it on the floor gets on top and gives it some serious LOVE (its soo weird, but makes him soo happy) and various times throughout every day he'll bring it to me to hug and then want me to hug him with the lion in between us. Its pretty much the cutest thing ever! I'll try and capture a video of him giving his lion love to share, because it is soo adorable (and weird!)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hilary Visit

My oldest friend Hilary has been in Canada visiting the last little while. (She sadly went off to school in Idaho and married a boy from Maryland and is living there.) She has an adorable little girl, Sierra, thats about the same age as Jack (just a few months younger) and I'm soo glad we were able to get together with our babies this past week.

Hilary came down and we all spent the day together. It was a great day and honestly our little munchkins have such similar personalities, they are both a little crazy and a whole lot of fun. We had a busy day of activities for them and had so much fun!

First we had them create some pudding art. Well, atleast we tried. They seriously just ate the pudding and got alot on themselves and the floor and shockingly little on the paper for how much of a mess the rest of the floor was. They loved their pudding and had so much fun eating away. They were hilarious Hil and I were nearly peeing our pants laughing at the two of them.

It finally ended in catastrophe though when Jack slipped in some pudding, fell and devolved into tears, then Sierra devolved into tears upon having her diaper taken off and neither Hilary or I had any desire to hug and comfort our pudding covered little ones. why oh why do events with babies always end in catastrophe?

Anyways after that we took our crying messes of babies off for a fun little bubble bath together. They were totally adorable splashing away together and they got all clean. The bubble bath too, however, ended in the catastrophe. Hilary and I were busy snapping pictures of our little ones and poor little Sierra slipped under the water and it took Hilary like 2 seconds to get here because of the camera factor and this was just unacceptable to Sierra she was so upset and it was so sad! poor little one!

After Hilary finally got Sierra calm, we all had some lunch. The babies had quite a little feast. we had everything for them, chicken, grapes, cheese, crackers, corn and green beans. But they just gobbled up the cheese fast as good be and ignored the other stuff until we got them some more cheese. Crazy kids.

After lunch, they both had naps! (amazing children) and Janeth was happening by the house so she came in with Luke for a bit which was nice (and the crazy lady had her baby the next day!)

Later in the afternoon once they were both up we took them outside to play. We got them into their swimsuits so they could play in the smallest pool ever. it was pretty cute. Then they both got obsessed with climbing up the slide together... sooo cute!!

For dinner, we had a bbq and Hilary's sister Heather and her husband Ken and two little girls came over. It was really nice to all spend time together.

All in, it was a fabulous day. I just wish Hil lived closer so we could have play dates like that for Mommies and babies every week!

Here I am as promised!

Well the last few weeks have been very busy for us MacLeans. As you know my maternity leave finished and I'm back at work and Branden is also working for the summer. both of our jobs are going as well as can be expected and we're starting to get into the swing of things. We are so exhausted most of the time and being very minimally social, but we are still having fun. Its been really hard though and we're just hoping it gets easier with thime.

It took Jack awhile to adjust to daycare, but he's adjusted and he's in a great daycare. The ladies there love him and he loves them. They even fight over who gets to hold him and cuddle him when he's in the mood. He LOVES all the toys they have there. His favourite is the slide, he climbs up the stairs and goes down the slide for hours at a time. Every time I pick him up he's going up and down and up and down. I really wish that I could be home with him, but this daycare is great and is definately the next best thing since I can't be.

We've been trying to have alot of fun doing stuff together as a family on the weekend, since its our main time together.

A few weeks ago we hopped a fence and broke into a private school park and played together. It was pretty fun!

We had a big delicious waffle breakfast together that Jack loved!

We introduced Jack to the world of bubble baths and he loved them more than anything!

We had a picnic at Waterloo park and Jack got to see all the animals. He, however, was not all the interested in the animals and was more interested in shaking the fences and scaring them away. Then he got too excited for words for no reason ran away and pushed a random little girl who was walking hand in hand with her Mom and then hugged her Mom. he was out of control, but it was alot of fun.

We also went to a play place called busy bees with the trinks and their daughters. Jack was a smide overwhelmed by all the toys, but he definately had alot of fun!

We went to Brantford and Jack got to spend time with his grandparents and meet some of my old friends from Browntown.

Life in general has been pretty great, but busy. I promise though I will be better at keeping up from now on!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

bad blogger

I have been a bad, bad blogger lately. I promise I'm still alive and doing somewhat interesting things. I am also dead tired like noones business at the end of the day and have no energy beyond basic existance most days so blogging has fallen by the wayside. BUT I don't like that my life is going by undocumented (because you know if blogging isn't happening, journaling most certainly isn't happening) so I promise a return this weekend. Multiple posts, many pictures. I swear it!