Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Onesie Debate

Baby clothing is a new world to Branden and I, we still struggle with snaps and trying to get Jack's arms in his clothing before he throws a fit. In this new world of baby clothing there is a constant debate/slash/fight between Branden and myself and that is the definition of a onesie. Branden thinks that anything that is "one piece" is a onesie, so many things then fit in this category. This drives me bonkers. Branden is always calling Jack's sleepers, onesies and it confuses/slash/enrages me like no other.

A onesie is this.

This is a sleeper.

And my husband NEEDS to learn the difference.


Eric and Hilary said...

hahaha hilarious. im afraid you are correct.

Eujean said...

hahahahaha - that is hilarious! and like the two ladies above - you are correct :) and I agree that it can be confusing though...