Sunday, August 3, 2008

Things I Miss

Even though Jack is only 2.5 months old, there are already things I miss about him being a little baby.

Most of all I miss The Peanut. When he was first born he was so teeny, tiny and he would just cuddle into my chest like a little peanut, all curled up around my boob. It was sooo adorable and so comfy holding him and his feet ended at the bottom of my chest and it was just like bliss. Now he's all legs and arms. I try to cuddle him on my chest when i'm sitting up and his legs infest me and kick at me (because he's a very movey sleeper)and it just really makes me miss his peanut.

Here is a picture of the peanut, it is not me he is curled up on I didn't get a picture of that.. hence you get him curled up on Kim.

Next I miss mini non-explosive poo's. When he was so little he may have pooped alot but they were all small and stayed put in his diaper. Now that he's older and has gone from pooping 8 times a day to 2 to 3 times a day his poo's are ENORMOUS, stinky and frequently explode out of his diaper and ALWAYS get splattered all up and over his business. Its disgusting and makes me have to really scrub at the laundry alot to get the poo out, which I do not enjoy. And sometimes its just plain embarrassing. When we went to get his two month shots I thought it was only going to be half an hour or so (which is was) so I brought a diaper and wipes in my purse, but no back-up outfit. So what happens, but Jack has the most enormous and exploding poop EVER. It ran all down his leg on both sides, up his back and out the top, into his socks and dripped onto my leg. So his outfit was totally destroyed and he ended up just having to sit in the waiting room of the doctors office in just a diaper like a ghetto baby and I had to wrap the poo outfit in papertowel and have it sitting on the chair beside me because I had most stupidly brought a teeny purse that could not contain the poop infested clothing. SOO embarassing and when he was little it never would have happened.

Finally I really, really miss him sleeping through church. The first few weeks of church he slept, woke up to eat and slept again. Now most Sundays he doesn't like being near so many people during his normal napping time so he screams in my face and I walk around the hall getting advice on how to stop the crying. NOT FUN!!!

All that being said though I really love every day that he gets older, he gets more fun by the day. He's so smiley and laughy and loves to play. He sleeps so much better and doesn't feel the need to eat every 45 minutes so really its all great. But I do miss these things.

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