Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Some days lately, scratch that, MOST days lately I feel like I am dying. Literally as though I am going to pass at any moment. The reason for this is a good one though, I’m pregnant! (Which I’m sure most of you already know) The due date is April 4th and I’ll be excited as soon as this child stops trying to slowly kill me. So far I refer to this baby as the difficult one. Jack is currently DEFINITELY the favorite!

I have been so, so, so sick with this pregnancy. I was not sick with Jack. I had minor morning sickness, which would easily go away with a bit of two of cracker every hour on the hour. With this one I have been puke your guts out (even when on the anti-nausea medicine) want to die all day most days sick. Its been getting better, I’m through my first tri-mester now so I thought it had past. I haven’t taken my medicine in days and I’ve only felt minor nausea… until this morning.

I woke up this morning feeling fine, feeling great. Well rested and happy to meet the day. I got into work at 7 and was still feeling great. At about 7:30 a wave nausea hit me like I haven’t felt before. I couldn’t even make it to the bathroom it hit so hard and so fast. I grabbed my garbage can and I wretched and I wretched and I wretched and I wretched. All in the garbage can, all in my hair and even some on my shirt. All while my 10 or so co-workers who start early like I do looked on in horror. They were shocked when I briefly looked up between liquid streaming from my mouth I saw the horrified look of swine flue terror on their faces. So I screamed out like the biggest nerd ever “Don’t’ worry I’m just pregnant.” Which did little to stop the stares of horror. When I finally finished the many sympathetic older women I work with gathered around to get my water, pat my head, tell me the understood and not to be embarrassed and to help me dispose of the waste can full of vomit. They all immediately said “it must be a girl”. That is the response I get whenever anyone finds out I’ve been sick. Apparently in many women’s experience they were deathly ill with their girls and barely sick with their boys.

It was a terrible experience. And I had to stay at work (sick days aren’t for wasting on myself you know!) reeking of vomit all day, my stomach muscles sore from so much wretching and feeling like a bag of turd. It has not been a good day.

BUT on a good note-Havarti Cheese and Stoned Wheat Crackers is the perfect post-barf snack.