Thursday, November 5, 2009


So on Tuesday after work Jack and I dutifully headed off to the Health Unit to received our H1N1 vaccines. We are both priority patients of course so we thought we'd take advantage of it. Overall it wasn't as bad an experience as I had thought. I thought I'd be waiting for hours, but on Sunday my good friend and Public Health Nurse Ruth advised me that Preggo's get to make appointments, so I only waited a mere 10 minutes (thats how early I was for my appointment).

Jack must have thought something funny was about to occur because he was clinging to me like crazy, which He NEVER does. He is such the forget about mommy where is my next adventure type. But in the waiting room he would not leave my lap and left a nice pile of drool on my chest with his cuddliness (I did so enjoy this random cuddly moment).

We got into the room and they administered my vaccine first. I was a little terrified Jack would freak out when he saw the needle going into my arm so I was trying to look overly happy. I must have looked like quite a freak to the nurse. My efforts of extreme smilyness were a waste though because Jack was fascinated by the needle, not freaked out at all. He kept trying to grab it and would not remove his eyes from it. So no crying there as I had expected.

Next it was Jacks turn. He still had fascination in the needle so was fine as I pinned his legs between my legs and his arms with my arms. Then the needle came. He was so happy as it approached wanting to see how it worked, but when it struck OH HOW HE SCREAMED! He Screamed and cried and screamed and cried, but only for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes he stopped screaming and crying and turned to the nurse and began Finger Wagging, emphatically motioning with his arms and yelling at her in baby gibberish!

She was flabbergasted. "I've never had a baby lecture me before." she said.

That Jack he really gave her the business. He was soo emphatic and you could just tell he was ripping a strip right off of her for causing him pain. It was hilarious.

Those who know Jack well have gotten these lectures before. He gave my Dad one when he dunked him under water when swimming once, then also included the lifeguard to ensure she woudln't let my Dad do it again. If Branden and I do something he doesn't like. Out comes the finger wag, lecture and emphatic arm gestures. He almost daily tells the day care ladies to "stop" followed by on of these rousing lectures. And the poor kid always gets laughed at. Because there is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING funnier than getting a lecture from a 17 month old.

Seriously if you see Jack on a regular basis. Please try and make him angry I assure you that you will be greatly entertained by the results.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Well I"m sure everyone that has me on facebook already knows this. But on Friday we had our ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby. I'm not going to lie, both Branden and I really thought it was going to be a girl because this pregnancy has been so different. And we both really want to have alteast one of each at some point in time (and Branden wanted only 2, but now he must go for 3) But it was a boy! I'm really excited though. It will be crazy to have too little psycho Jacks around but so much fun! I do get slightly sad whenever I walk through the baby girls clothes. Why oh why are girls clothes SOO much more fun than boys!


Halloween this year was alot of fun. I wouldn't necessarily say that Jack GOT it, but he sure did enjoy it. We did most of our celebrating on the 30th. WE had family down all day for our ultrasound and our ward Trunk or Treat. I think Jack's favourite part of the day was when I was emptying our candy to give out into a bowl. He pretty much went crazy, stole the bowl from me and spent a good hour just throwing it up over his head and organizing it into different places. I don't even think he realized it was candy, he just LOVED the bright coloured crinkly packages.

Me and Brando and Jack and my parents and my sister and her son Thomas all went to our wards trunk or treat that night. I'm on the activities committee so we got there early to set up and what not and I tell you I think the half an hour before everyone got there was Jack's most enjoyable time. The kid LOVED beyond all reasonable loving the fact that he got the entire parking lot to himself and ran everywhere. HE was GASPING for breath but kept running. He ran full speed across the parking lot and 3/4 of the way across the giant field we have for a good half hour. Needless to say by the time the trunk or treat actually started he was pretty tired. So I had to carry him from car to car. Poor kid. It was pretty good attendance though and alot of fun!

We didn't actually take Jack out on halloween. He was soo tired from the night before and well he was only allowed to eat like 2 pieces of candy anyways so it just would have been for our tummies so we didn't take him.

Here is the little man. Dressed up as Jack-Jack from the incredibles. Although we
think he thought he was Dash with all that running.
Our little family of incredibles. I was pretty deluxe on mine and Brandens costumes. red shirts with computer cut out and coloured in Incredibles symbols on them. SOO Deluxe! I was going to Screen Print them, but ran out of time!

Jack and Thomas exploring

Thomas the adorable Alien and my Dad.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

For the entire month of October we have been wanting to take Jack to the Pumpkin Patch. Almost every Saturday has been rainy and cold so its been put off and put off and put off. Finally this past Saturday we went, it was freezing but atleast it wasn't raining. We went out to Shantzholm and had a great time. Jack liked playing in the mini corn/slash/hay maze and loved looking at the animals. He didn't show to much interest in the pumpkins much to my disappointment since i wanted some cute Pumpkin themed pictures. We didnt' stay a very long time since it was freezing and my maternity coat is still resting warmly at my Sisters house. But we had a great time. We got a great pumpkin that we are planning on carving up with Jack this coming weekend. It should be a great time!
Climbing Hay Bales

Thinking about putting his head through, of course when he did I missed it!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hitting, Punching, Gnashing of Teethies

Lately Jack has taken to violence to express his emotions to Branden and I. I have been quite concerned about it because smacking seems to be his method of choice for dealing with any emotion. If he's excited he'll smack you, if he's sad he'll smack, if he's Angry OH HOW HE WILL SMACK YOU! We've been going over methods of getting him to stop and they do seem to be curbing this habit atleast a little. He gets time outs, or if we are holding him or playing with him he gets put down. He does not enjoy either of these things to he usually stops. But sometimes when he's really in a mood, it will do nothing to stop him. One night last week he was angry for no reason in particular and smacked me on my face. So I put him in time out in his crib for one minute. He cried and screamed and tried to climb out and after a minute I picked him up told him hitting was unacceptable and that I loved him. He promptly smacked me in the face again. So back in the crib he went. This repeated no less than a dozen times. The kid is stubborn. But since then he's gotten better. The hitting is less and less frequent.

I spoke with his daycare ladies last week and then said he has never once hit another kid there or them. So thats good (or maybe not) but he seems to be saving his very worst behaviour for home. As I was discussing it with them and expressing my extreme relief that he wasn't "that kid" the one that hit the others (especially since he is currently the oldest and in a room with several rather small babies) he smacked me in the face. They were shocked, I was unimpressed.

I am glad this behaviour is only happening with Branden and I and he isn't really a problem child at daycare or in the nursery. And our consistent responses of no, time outs and we love yous seem to be working. He is hitting less and less and when he does hit the last few days you can see him trying to resist. But those impulses can be hard to control for babies sometimes and he isn't always perfect. Its quite funny actually a few times in the last few days I have watched him fight the urge to hit me or Branden when he's upset he fights it so hard and you can see he's just not able to fight it so he will come over and hit all the while saying 'no no no no no:" because he knows its a no no. Its almost too cute to get him in trouble!

He is a wonderful child who I adore though and I just hope the hitting ends soon. Because quite frankly sometimes it hurts! and I hope its a normal stage of development. It seems to be from what I've read. More common for boys than girls, which makes sense since boys are so very, very rough and tumble!

Dear Pregnant Body

Dear Pregnant Body

I appreciate you, I really do. You are doing a wonderful thing and should be applauded for that. But at the same time I must confess that recently I despise you.

First of all my Pregnant Chest. STOP GROWING! You grew when I was pregnant with Jack, you grew again when I was breast-feeding Jack and you REFUSED to shrink back to your normal (already somewhat bountiful) size post breast-feeding. I thought you had reached your maximum possible size, but apparently I was wrong. You have decided to start growing on me again and I must say this is simply UNACCEPTABLE. Branden may admire and appreciate you, but I despise you. You make my clothes not fit, I am at max capacity in my shirts and bras and have no funds to buy more so STOP! You hurt my back, every night I want to cry because you throw my back all out of whack and it hurts so bad that after Jack is in bed I am in bed with a heat pack trying so hard to get you to stop hurting! And you are getting awfully hard to cover up. I strive for modesty I really do, but you my breasty nemesis make that hard for me. You are already large enough, you provided just fine for my first baby and if you stop growing I promise you will do the same for the second. So please give me a break and STOP GROWING!

Second, my dear sweet complexion. You were so kind to me and to Branden when I was pregnant with Jack. My body created some sort of wonderful hormone that somehow made not only mine, but Brandens skin perfect as well. Oh how we loved that 9 months of blemish free enjoyability. But what are you doing this time? Its like I'm a greasy 14 year old who spends her evening rubbing french fry grease on her face. Stop getting pimples! They make me feel ugly! and stop giving Branden pimples. We don't ENJOY!

Third Stomach, you know you have been causing me the most troubles. Please oh please stop making me barf. I appreciate that the nausea and barfing is not so unrelenting anymore. I appreciate the breaks. I DO NOT appreciate having to run from sacrament meeting to barf, I DO NOT appreciate having to run at top speed past my husbands study buddies just to have them hear me yack in the bathroom. I do not appreciate the horrified tears the eminate from my child when he sees me wretching! I do not appreciate the intense stomach pains that are not relieved no matter how many times I barf (excuse the talk of bodily functions here), poop, burp or toot. You KNOW that when I release gas you should stop hurting, but you insist on continuing the horrible pain. PLEASE STOP!

Fourth-Pregnancy Brain I'm assuming its you that is at fault for how tired I am and I just need to let you know I do not appreciate it one bit. I am well past the first trimester now and I was assuming the tiredness who come to an end as most pregnancy books promise. But you, you seem to be a rebellious brain. Making me tried WELL past the first trimester. I have things to do my dear brain. I need more energy more ability than just waking up, getting through the work day (barely) making dinner (barely) and finishing the dishes (barely). Instead of having to play with my son while sitting or lying down, I would like to run outside with him and chase him for hours as he is accustomed to. I am no longer a fun Mom because of you. I chase him once down the hallway and I'm toast and its not cool. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who is the best Father who chases twice as long, twice as hard to make up for my lackings. BUT i want to chase him myself. So please oh please stop making me so tired. And while I am talking to you brain, enough with the stupidness. You make me forget basic words. I can't hold an intellectual conversation anymore and the other day when I meant to say appetite I said apptitude. NOT SMART. I like being smart so stop making me dumb.

Fifth-Emotions. Get a handle on yourself. Bawling your eyes out whilst watching the Biggest Loser is not an acceptable practice. I am not a terribly tear filled girl and yet you have made me a sobbing mess. I could barely breath from how hard you made me cry at Forrest Gump the other night ( I was however slightly comforted when I looked ever and even Branden had a tear glistening in the corner of his eye, that is a great movie!) I was crying so hard at The Biggest Loser last night that Jack became most concerned. He brought me his favourite stuffed animal steve to make me feel better and when that didn't work he climbed up and gave me a big hug. AS pleasant and adorable as this was, my baby should not have to comfort me and my insane emotions I should be comforting him and his insane emotions.

Sixth, pregnancy Hair. I adore you. you make my hair less greasy I can go three days without washing without being a big old greaseball. You are growing fast and you are soft and lustrous. You may be the only part of my body I appreciate. So I love you!

In conclusion pregnancy body I know you serve me well in so many ways. You made me one perfect healthy amazing baby and I'm sure you're on your way to producing another. You get pregnant with a ridiculous amount of ease. You are a fertile myrtle body and I appreciate that. But I wish, OH how I wish you could do all these wonderful things with just a little less inconvenience to your possessor

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jacks First Hair Cut

Today we took Jack for his first haircut. At first it was going much better than I expected, he was fascinated by his reflection in the mirror and his crazy silk cape and was being completely quiet and still. Then the lady sprayed his hair with the water and he FREAKED out and then spent the rest of the time acting like we were trying to cut off a piece of his soul. The hair cut turned out good though, no more wispy weird mullet. They gave us a first haircut certificate and a lock of his hair and did you know that first choice doesn't charge for first haircuts. I recommend them. The lady worked fast and made it as painless as possible.

here's Jack about to start the hair cut

And an after picture. its cute, but I think it makes him look so much older. He's totally a little toddler now and not my little baby. that makes me happy, but also a smidge sad.

And the new haircut with a cheesy in his hair. Worlds best Mom eh!


Recently I've gotten back into sewing in a big way. I've been trying all sorts of little projects for Jack. Some have worked, some have not. Some are done and some are not. If this little nugget inside of me is a girl though I promise that my inner seamstress will be unleashed. There are just way to many cute clothes I can make for her and I"m really excited about that. As for Jack I thought I'd show off a few of the things I've made for him lately. The things that are finished are halloween related.

These are some halloween pj's I made him. I couldn't get a good picture, because he was playing with the keyboard and pretty much as still as he's going to get when awake. He is not destined to be a model. I made the bottems too small though, hence the racing stripes in orange material down the side. They are still too small on his tushy. My problem was that I used a pair of his pj's that fit him now as the pattern. But the material they are made of is stretchy and this material, not so much. So his booty hangs out the back, they are still cute though, dorky racing stripes and all and I've learned my lesson for next time.

This is his trick or treating bag that I made him. Pattern from this lovely blog here--->Barefoot in the Kitchen Mine is less girly than hers, obviously and I didn't make the lid because I tried and it kept being too small and I figured who needs a lid anyways. you want easy access to that candy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this one turned out and Jack has great fun with it already shoving random crap into it and taking it around the house. I also made one for my nephew Thomas, but gave it to him before taking a picture. His is dark blue material, its cute too, but in the future I wouldn't use such a dark material because you couldn't see the jack'o'lantern face as well.

Anyways those are my current sewing adventures. I'll let you know as I finish more.

Tips Anyone?

So I'm hoping that some experienced Mothers read my blog here and can offer me some advice/tips. How do I ensure my sweet little baby to be comes late.. or at bare minimum on time. I'm really stressing out lately about this baby being early like Jack was and I just don't want that to happen. I want to be able to work as long as I can and preferably I would like it to be a month late. (I am aware for you Mothers who went overdue that I will probaly be changing my tune those last few weeks) But the thing is. This baby is due April 4th. Meaning I should start my maternity leave atleast 2 weeks before it comes since Jack was 2 weeks early, making my maternity leave start mid march. Which means that it will end mid march next year. Which is a problem

Branden finishes school end of next April and we will most likely be relocating. We'll go wherever he gets the best job and although its possible it might be in Kitchener its not likely. So even if I save up some of my vacation to cash out at the end of my Maternity leave that leaves me with a month where he isn't working and neither am I (because if we're moving I dont' want to go back to my job here for just a month and find daycare for Jack and #2 for just a month)

UGH! So how to I go back in time and make myself get pregnant a month later! (If only we were good at planning the timing of our babies!) Or how to I make sure I'm like 2 weeks late instead of 2 weeks early!

I've seen soooo many tips out there on how to induce your baby to come, sex, castor oil etc. But where are the tips to make it stay in your belly?? Anyone??

Friday, October 16, 2009


I think its fair to say that my child is a smidge on the psycho side of the spectrum. He comes by it honestly though having been born to two parents who have been known to get a little out of control from time to time. But somedays this child is just unstoppable in his craziness.
Lets take last night for example. Jack was excitedly running up and down our hallway (as usual) and got a little too excited at something and ran smack into the wall (this happens more than I would care to admit). But this time was an extreme. After his wall collision he cried for about 15 seconds and then went on running, spent some time on Brandens lap, but seemed fine and normal.
A few minutes later Branden notices some red stains all over our carpet and starts asking me what on earth I've done to the carpet. That's when we look at Jack who's toe had been sliced open on the baseboard upon his wall collision and was bleeding QUITE profusely and tracking it all around the house. There were little bloody toe prints EVERYWHERE and since he'd been on Brandens lap oodles of blood had dripped down Branden's pants and were covering him!
Here is my poor hurt and very bloody baby who is not even making a fuss about this. That is until we went and washed it off and band-aided it. He was not impressed with the Band-Aid. He doesn't' like having stuff stuck to his foot (he freaks out if he steps on a piece of tape or plastic and it sticks to his foot) so he was unimpressed. But seemed fine once we covered it with a sock. He even hopped up on our bed and spent quite some time jumping and marching around. Until we noticed he had bled through his Band-Aid and sock and was leaving bloody toe prints all over our sheets. Then we searched our house from top to bottom and found one lonely robeez to put on him to keep the blood in place. It was a catastrophe and he looked RIDICULOUS!
But this didn't' stop him from running around, throwing his chair all over the apartment, crawling when the foot hurt to much and just plain being insane last night. It didn't' stop him from marching on the spot for 5 minutes at my feet or climbing back up on our bed to jump for another 10 minutes. This child is just out of control!


Monday was Thanksgiving and we had a great long weekend. Friday night we went to our wards Harvest Dance. Which was alot of fun. My parents came and watched Jack so Branden and I could go unencumbered. We learned to square dance, which was I have to say shockingly entertaining and fun. Although I had to FORCE Branden to try it I think in the end he had fun doing it.
Saturday we rested for our next two days.
Sunday we went to church and then to Branden's parents house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was tasty and fun EXCEPT that for some random reason my pregnancy decided to attack and immediately upon finishing the meal I spent quite some time vomiting it back up in the bathroom while everyone listened on. So very lady like of me! The barfing, however, didn't stop me from gobbling up some pumpkin pie later.
Monday we did our Annual Timon Family Tradition and went to the apple orchard. Usually on Thanksgiving Monday the place is booming with people. But this monday was about 1 degree out. So it was a ghost town, except us all dutifully bundled up and ready to pick apples. Jack had a blast though, he didn't even seem to notice the cold. And did not eat a single apple, but had way to much fun throwing them around with great abandon. Other than the freezingness that did not leave me all day it was a grand ol'time!
Then we went back to my parents for a wonderful turkey dinner that I did not wretch up this time (yay me!)
I stole some pictures from my sisters facebook for you to see our Monday Apple Orchard adventures.

Jack Eating Dinner
Jack pushing the Wagon

Picking up apples to throw

walking, cutest sweater on him ever EH! Got it for $2 at a garage sale, it has a matching hat he ripped off, but I LOVE it!

My nephew Thomas and his Dad Grant. Adorable scruncho face eh!

Sitting in the wagon.

Excuse the enormity of my head in Branden's hat (I was cold) and focus on Jack's adorableness!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Some days lately, scratch that, MOST days lately I feel like I am dying. Literally as though I am going to pass at any moment. The reason for this is a good one though, I’m pregnant! (Which I’m sure most of you already know) The due date is April 4th and I’ll be excited as soon as this child stops trying to slowly kill me. So far I refer to this baby as the difficult one. Jack is currently DEFINITELY the favorite!

I have been so, so, so sick with this pregnancy. I was not sick with Jack. I had minor morning sickness, which would easily go away with a bit of two of cracker every hour on the hour. With this one I have been puke your guts out (even when on the anti-nausea medicine) want to die all day most days sick. Its been getting better, I’m through my first tri-mester now so I thought it had past. I haven’t taken my medicine in days and I’ve only felt minor nausea… until this morning.

I woke up this morning feeling fine, feeling great. Well rested and happy to meet the day. I got into work at 7 and was still feeling great. At about 7:30 a wave nausea hit me like I haven’t felt before. I couldn’t even make it to the bathroom it hit so hard and so fast. I grabbed my garbage can and I wretched and I wretched and I wretched and I wretched. All in the garbage can, all in my hair and even some on my shirt. All while my 10 or so co-workers who start early like I do looked on in horror. They were shocked when I briefly looked up between liquid streaming from my mouth I saw the horrified look of swine flue terror on their faces. So I screamed out like the biggest nerd ever “Don’t’ worry I’m just pregnant.” Which did little to stop the stares of horror. When I finally finished the many sympathetic older women I work with gathered around to get my water, pat my head, tell me the understood and not to be embarrassed and to help me dispose of the waste can full of vomit. They all immediately said “it must be a girl”. That is the response I get whenever anyone finds out I’ve been sick. Apparently in many women’s experience they were deathly ill with their girls and barely sick with their boys.

It was a terrible experience. And I had to stay at work (sick days aren’t for wasting on myself you know!) reeking of vomit all day, my stomach muscles sore from so much wretching and feeling like a bag of turd. It has not been a good day.

BUT on a good note-Havarti Cheese and Stoned Wheat Crackers is the perfect post-barf snack.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Worst Day EVER!

Today stinks, yesturday stunk too, but today is even worse. Both Jack and I got sick yesturday. Mine is a stomachish thing that does not let me be too far from a washroom at any point in time and we are going to the doctor for Jack later today, but he has the worst cough ever, a super runny nose, diarhea and a fever.

Needless to say I am not at work today. I am home very sick and in pain myself and with a very sick and sad little boy. We are watching on tv both of our favourites, the bachelorette and the wiggles. Good day!

Last night I was in gut wrenching pain and Jack was up every 5 minutes and Branden had to work today. So for the first time ever he slept in our bed out of ease of getting him. And let me say this, it will not be a frequent situation. The kid is the rudest sleeper ever, he refused to sleep the right direction and spent all night wiggling and squirming and coughing and waking up ever 5 minutes with his head shoved into Branden's armpit and his feet kicking me in various places on my face and torso. Seriously even when the kid is dead asleep he's moving! So none of us slept too well at all last night.

So today is about appeasing us both. currently Jack is quite happily playing on the floor, hacking away, with massive amounts of boogers streaming into his mouth. The reason why he's so happy is because i let him play with every electronic in the house. Two wii-motes-check, 2 remotes-check- 2 phones-check, one cell phone-check, and one old camera to top it off. The kid is in electronic heaven. I think when I get the energy to get off the couch I'll add a keyboard into the mix.

I hope he sleeps well today because I need sleep like noone's business.

On a cuter note (and less boogery and disgusting note) Jack is obsessed with stuffed animals lately. Actually make that stuffed animal. My cousin Bailey, his honorary Aunt Bailey bought him this fabulous soft lion thats bigger than he is that he LOVES. Every day when he comes home he runs straight for it throws it on the floor gets on top and gives it some serious LOVE (its soo weird, but makes him soo happy) and various times throughout every day he'll bring it to me to hug and then want me to hug him with the lion in between us. Its pretty much the cutest thing ever! I'll try and capture a video of him giving his lion love to share, because it is soo adorable (and weird!)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hilary Visit

My oldest friend Hilary has been in Canada visiting the last little while. (She sadly went off to school in Idaho and married a boy from Maryland and is living there.) She has an adorable little girl, Sierra, thats about the same age as Jack (just a few months younger) and I'm soo glad we were able to get together with our babies this past week.

Hilary came down and we all spent the day together. It was a great day and honestly our little munchkins have such similar personalities, they are both a little crazy and a whole lot of fun. We had a busy day of activities for them and had so much fun!

First we had them create some pudding art. Well, atleast we tried. They seriously just ate the pudding and got alot on themselves and the floor and shockingly little on the paper for how much of a mess the rest of the floor was. They loved their pudding and had so much fun eating away. They were hilarious Hil and I were nearly peeing our pants laughing at the two of them.

It finally ended in catastrophe though when Jack slipped in some pudding, fell and devolved into tears, then Sierra devolved into tears upon having her diaper taken off and neither Hilary or I had any desire to hug and comfort our pudding covered little ones. why oh why do events with babies always end in catastrophe?

Anyways after that we took our crying messes of babies off for a fun little bubble bath together. They were totally adorable splashing away together and they got all clean. The bubble bath too, however, ended in the catastrophe. Hilary and I were busy snapping pictures of our little ones and poor little Sierra slipped under the water and it took Hilary like 2 seconds to get here because of the camera factor and this was just unacceptable to Sierra she was so upset and it was so sad! poor little one!

After Hilary finally got Sierra calm, we all had some lunch. The babies had quite a little feast. we had everything for them, chicken, grapes, cheese, crackers, corn and green beans. But they just gobbled up the cheese fast as good be and ignored the other stuff until we got them some more cheese. Crazy kids.

After lunch, they both had naps! (amazing children) and Janeth was happening by the house so she came in with Luke for a bit which was nice (and the crazy lady had her baby the next day!)

Later in the afternoon once they were both up we took them outside to play. We got them into their swimsuits so they could play in the smallest pool ever. it was pretty cute. Then they both got obsessed with climbing up the slide together... sooo cute!!

For dinner, we had a bbq and Hilary's sister Heather and her husband Ken and two little girls came over. It was really nice to all spend time together.

All in, it was a fabulous day. I just wish Hil lived closer so we could have play dates like that for Mommies and babies every week!

Here I am as promised!

Well the last few weeks have been very busy for us MacLeans. As you know my maternity leave finished and I'm back at work and Branden is also working for the summer. both of our jobs are going as well as can be expected and we're starting to get into the swing of things. We are so exhausted most of the time and being very minimally social, but we are still having fun. Its been really hard though and we're just hoping it gets easier with thime.

It took Jack awhile to adjust to daycare, but he's adjusted and he's in a great daycare. The ladies there love him and he loves them. They even fight over who gets to hold him and cuddle him when he's in the mood. He LOVES all the toys they have there. His favourite is the slide, he climbs up the stairs and goes down the slide for hours at a time. Every time I pick him up he's going up and down and up and down. I really wish that I could be home with him, but this daycare is great and is definately the next best thing since I can't be.

We've been trying to have alot of fun doing stuff together as a family on the weekend, since its our main time together.

A few weeks ago we hopped a fence and broke into a private school park and played together. It was pretty fun!

We had a big delicious waffle breakfast together that Jack loved!

We introduced Jack to the world of bubble baths and he loved them more than anything!

We had a picnic at Waterloo park and Jack got to see all the animals. He, however, was not all the interested in the animals and was more interested in shaking the fences and scaring them away. Then he got too excited for words for no reason ran away and pushed a random little girl who was walking hand in hand with her Mom and then hugged her Mom. he was out of control, but it was alot of fun.

We also went to a play place called busy bees with the trinks and their daughters. Jack was a smide overwhelmed by all the toys, but he definately had alot of fun!

We went to Brantford and Jack got to spend time with his grandparents and meet some of my old friends from Browntown.

Life in general has been pretty great, but busy. I promise though I will be better at keeping up from now on!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

bad blogger

I have been a bad, bad blogger lately. I promise I'm still alive and doing somewhat interesting things. I am also dead tired like noones business at the end of the day and have no energy beyond basic existance most days so blogging has fallen by the wayside. BUT I don't like that my life is going by undocumented (because you know if blogging isn't happening, journaling most certainly isn't happening) so I promise a return this weekend. Multiple posts, many pictures. I swear it!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jack is One

Today Jack officially turns one years old! We really didn't do anything special, although I am making him a birthday cookie right now.

I can't believe how fast the past year has gone by. I can believe my baby is no longer a baby he is a little toddler! I just stare at him in awe as I watch him walk around exploring his world and figuring everything out.

He is really so amazing and Branden and I honestly feel we really lucked out. He somehow managed to come into this world and only get both of our best qualities and leave our truly terrible ones behind (which makes us terrified for whenever we have another that it will get all the terrible ones).

He is so smart and funny. Seriously he's starting to figure out jokes and will do anything to make us laugh. He loves to play peekaboo he will hide behind anything and jump out at us.

He LOVES being chased more than anything. Branden and I probaly spend a half an hour an evening chasing him from one end of the hallway to the other, him laughing hysterically all the while.

Jack is getting so big and loves getting into trouble. He is at the stage where he just tears everything apart and loves carrying stuff. He takes all the things that belong at one end of the apartment and takes them to the other and vice versa.

Jack is always on a mission. He marches and runs around the house like he has so much to do and so little time. Its hilarious to watch!

He think his tummy is hilarious. Whenever he had a big meal and his tummy is full and slighly distended he walks around pulling his shirt up and patting and slapping it laughing and grumbling.

I could seriously watch this wonderful little boy all day. he is endlessly entertaining to me. We love him so much!!

Happy Birthday to my fabulous little boy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Today is my first Mother's Day as an actual Mom (last year was just a week before I had Jack). I want to start off by recognizing my own Mom who has taught me so much about how to be a Mom. My Mom is great, she is the least selfish person I know. She is funny, an amazing listener, strong, smart, spiritual and just all around wonderful. I don't think I'd be half the Mother I am without here example. I love you mom!!

Next, lets talk a little about how my day went. I woke up early with Jack and he was perfectly adorable and somewhat cuddly for a bit in the morning and then became ridiculously whiney and tired all of a sudden. So we had to give him a nap before church which in turn made us late for church. Branden and Jack did, however, present me with my Mothers day gift of Hypnotic Poison perfume. It is my favourite perfume EVEr and I ran out a few months ago, so I was pretty happy.

Then was church which was quite delightful and Jack managed to hold it together reasonably well. after church naps and then Jack woke up. I noticed when I went to grab him toys that his play pen was covered in pen. The day before he had somehow found a pen and bit it in half and gotten ink all over himself. It took us forever to clean him up and we didn't even think to check his playpen. Today I discovered the mess. pen all over his toys, the carpet is blue from one end to the other. UGH. Branden and I spent hours scrubbing it and we have most of it out, but ground zero (where the initial explosion happened) is still a mess! UGH! Then Jack spent the evening whining, we put him to bed early and awhile later heard massive crying went into check and he had pooped out of his diaper and onto my bear Branden got me he sleeps with. My kid dumped on my teddy bears head! oh man, that took awhile to clean up to!

So parts of today good, parts bad. Tomorrow work starts so hopefully that goes well!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

1 Week Left

How will I ever leave my little pudding Hitler!

Today I have just one week of maternity leave left. It is frankly quite depressing and I am feeling far more emotional than I thought I would. I'm trying really hard not to think too much about it, because I'm sure once I'm in the habit of things it won't be terrible. I know Jack will be okay, we had a meeting with his daycare last week and he got to play with his teachers and the kids and he just loved it so much. The ladies, Mary Anne and Gayle are amazing and loving and wonderful and the kids are great and entertaining. I'm quite sure it will be harder on me than him. I can't imagine leaving my little nugget, I'm going to miss him so much. Add to that I am going to be exhausted! All this week I am making ahead freezer meals so I don't have to worry too much about cooking for the first bit I'm back at work. I figure one less thing on my plate is good. Today I made 8 shepherd's pies to freeze. YUM! Tomorrow I go into mass production of lasagna. It will all be okay, I just have to keep telling myself that!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jack's Birthday Party

Birthday boy excited to celebrate!

Well, Jack isn't yet one, but we did celebrate his birthday yesturday. Branden starts back to work tomorrow and me next Monday so we decided to get the stress out of the way before we get super busy.

It was a great party. We had it at my parents house and lots of family was there. Jack had so much fun, but was dead tired by the end of the day.

I tried to go all out for it, I mean you only turn 1 once right! Branden thought I was ridiculous, but it all turned out really great. Except my monkey truffle pops. they tasted good, but did not look as nice as I had hoped and definately were not worth the 5 hours of effort.

The theme as you can guess from my last paragraph was monkey's! everything was monkey, the birthday sign, the cupcakes, the treat bags, the truffle pops. It was great.

Jack got some great gifts, including a motorized bus from my cousin Zach and his girlfriend Kiera, a block dump truck from his aunt and uncle, a trainset and adorable outfit from grandma and grandpa, an awesome winnie the poo suit case from cousin Bailey and the ability to pick out his own gift from the toy aisle from Aunt Sue and Uncle Randy.

He loved his first cupcake experience. He seriously could not get enough of it and went onto a serious sugar high for about 10 to 15 minutes after it. At one point he ran across the room screaming at his cousin Thomas, attacked stole he bottle and nearly killed the baby. He was out of control hilarious running and screaming until he pretty much collapsed from exhaustion.

All in all It was a great time and I'm so grateful for everyone that came and celebrated with us.

Now, onto some pictures from the event.

Monkey Treat bags for everyone to take home.

Our Jack inspired Beverages

A fuzzy view of the happy birthday sign I made

Monkey cupcakes

Decor outside

Jack playing in his bus

So excited by the candle and cupcake

Loving the first cupcake bite.

Jack could not get enough of the cupcake!