Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pay/Pray-Clearly Interchangable

So yesturday Jack and I were at the grocery store picking up some gingerale and other assorted items for Branden who was home with Dean and a sick tummy. One of the assorted items happened to be chocolate in nature and this was the item Jack was assigned to carry. Once we got to the checkout and were stuck in a rather long line Jack decided he had had enough of carrying said chocolate goodies and wished to eat them. I quickly advised him that we first had to pay for them. Jack mistook the need to pay for them for the need to PRAY for them so right there in the middle of the line (much to the entertainment of our fellow line waiters) he plomped his bum down, folded his arms and prepared to pray. It was hilarious and of course I couldn't resist his extreme righteousity so i opened it up and let him have one in line. If your willing to sit and pray in the middle of the grocery store you definately deserve chocolate.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jiggity Jack

Jack lately is literally both the light of my life and the bain of my existance. He is pretty much the cutest thing ever. His language is progressing like crazy although its hard to pick out if you're not his mom. The problem in our house with language development is that both Branden and I are major fast talkers so its hard for Jack to pick out sometims what we're saying. We've been trying to slow down a bit with him in mind but we've also noticed he's talking alot more than we give him credit for. he just smooshes words together and says them SUPER fast. He's got sentences like a crazy man but you have to listen real carefully. Instead of saying "we've got to go" he says incredibly quicly "weguddago" and where did it go? is "wheredigo?" and so on a so forth. tis great, but we better slow down or his teachers will never understand him.

Jack is amazing with Dean. He plays with him an d kisses and hugs him like mad. he is an amazikng big brother. Jack is also the biggest flirt in flirt town. He is always playing with all the lady babies in our new ward and smiles and jsut gives him his best behaviour. He is SOOO much like Branden its ridiculous, but I love it!

On the other hand Jack has hit the terrible two's full force. Most days hes still sweet and cute and the best kid ever, but ask for a diaper change or dare to not get him a snack the second he requests it and hulk jack appears. I beg I plead for him to return to bruce banner as I laugh at his baby rage, but it doesn't work.. UGH. Good thing its short lived and not often or I might run away.

Army Crawl

My little Dean is pretty much the craziest, best baby of all time. The kid already only wakes up once a night (and sometimes even manages to sleep right through) he smiles all day unless he's tired or hungry. He laughs at the drop of a hat and thinks me, Branden and Jack are hilarious. He stares at his brother with awe all the time and is soo impressed with Jack. He rolls like a crazy man which si taking some adjusting on Jacks part. If we place Dean down one place he can now be across the room in a matter of seconds and Jack is not used to avoiding stomping on a moving target so we've had a few accidental stomping incidents. Dean is already army crawling. its crazy, he's not even 4 months old yet. The kid is simply out of control.

We adore him though and he is turning out to be soo much fun for all three of us.


Well its been almost 4 months since Dean was born and my excuses are running out so this week I finally joined a gym.

I lost all the weight I gained with Dean right away, but I was packing a few extra before I got pregnant with him and i really want to lose the weight. I really can't blame my "mommy tummy" on my kids much though (except the stretched out skin) because I didn't put on much in either of my pregnancies and both times I had lost the weight before my 6 week check up. But I have weight to lose because I got lazy after having Jack and put some of the weight on and then got knocked up again before I could lose it so ya... I need to lose the chunk.

I've been to the gym 3 times since I joined on Friday and I feel good... and awful. SEriously my muscles are dead but it feels sooo good to be dead like this. Today I went to a class. A bosu Ball class and holy work out. I almost passed out and died but i made it through. I thought it was the beginner level class but the instructor advised me halfway through (as she noticed the PUDDLE of sweat forming beneath me as I grunted and moaned) that it was advanced. So I'm pretty proud i didn't actually die.

I need to keep motivated because I really want to get back to my when I got married weight and that is further away than I care to ever admit.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Well its been awhile hasn't it. Last time i wrote was before I had Dean and now the little lad is 3 months. To say the last 3 months has been crazy and busy would be an understatement.

In the past three months I had the wonderful and beautiful Dean Patrick Owen MacLean. He weighed in at 7lbs 1 ounce and was 22.5 inches long. Branden finished his exams. I went into a short lived postpartum crazy area. We bought a house and moved. We've now been here 6 weeks we have painted almost the whole thing, ripped out half the garden (and are still working on the other half) We've replaced windows and had about a billion family BBQ's (We now live in the same condo/townhouse complex as my parents, aunt uncle and cousins. its great!) I've been in a car accident and ganked up my back bad. Dean learned to roll from front to back (at 8 weeks crazy boy) and is working hard on back to front. Jack is getting cuter and more talkative by the moment. He makes noises/slash/talks all the day long. it goes something like this.. giberish, gibberish,gibberish. lets go mom. gibberish gibberish gibberish. you have never seen a kid talk more with saying less. he is probaly THE MOST friendly kid you will ever meet. I seriously have to watch him so closely because he has no stranger hesitation and makes friends with kids and adults alike everywhere we go.

Jack LOVES Dean. He has his jealous moments, but I"m proud to say he has not yet hurt or lashed out on dean on purpose Many accidental hurtings. he frequently tries to pick up dean and fails and drops him, or gets excited running around and trips on deans head or stomps on his hand. But such is the life of a second child. Dean also loves Jack he puts up with toys being shoved in his face, Jack gettign all up in his grill "tickling" him and being tripped on constantly and does nothing but smile and laugh at his ridiculous older brother.