Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jack Explosion and Another Type of Explosion

Lately Jack has exploded in his development. He’s gone from drunken staggering to being able to walk fairly competently between things atleast. Distance is still an issue, but he’s getting better by the minute. He’s saying more and more words: Mama, dada, baba and up. He’s quite a little copy cat now and Branden and him love to have raspberry blowing contests. He’ll clap and wave goodbye and hello. He loves to yell and yell, he pretty much thinks it’s the funniest thing ever. He’ll scream at the top of his lungs as long as he can until his face is about to explode and then laughs at himself like crazy. He dances so cute when Branden and I are playing guitar hero world tour.He pretty much just leeches onto one of our legs and shakes his arms around like a crazy person. He’s just getting cuter and funner by the day.

And now onto the other explosion. This past Friday I was at a girls night and several girls were discussing the enjoyability of flax and the health benefits of it. So I decided to be healthy and bought some over the weekend for Jack and I to try. I’ve been adding it to my cereal in the morning and his oatmeal and let me tell you it has increased the efficacy of my bm’s and Jack’s A LOT. Which I don’t’ know how I feel about it, since I’ve always been a regular girl to begin with and Jack is more than regular. I’m okay with the effects on me, but him.. BLECK I have to clean that crap up times a lot more now. NOT FUN! But I think I’ll power through and keep it up, because it is healthy and all. Trust me though every time Jack has an explosive diaper I will be cursing you Cheryl and Jenn.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

4th Anniversary

Today marks 4 years since the day I married my lovely Branden. We're not doing much to celebrate today as Branden is in the thick of exams, but we are going away on our first night away from Jack on Monday. We found a cheap hotel deal at a really nice hotel in downtown Toronto so we'll be there and Jack will be with his grandparents. I'm looking forward to it!

But for today a small ode to my husband, who I love and adore. Branden is by far the funniest, handsomeist and smartest person I know. He is the best Father and Jack and I are both lucky to have him. And although somedays he annoys the beejeezus out of me he is really the best thing in the world and I"m super happy I married him.

Happy Anniversary Hun!

Bath Time Woes

Bath time with Jack lately has been a little bit in the tricky side of the spectrum. He LOVE, LOVE ,LOVES bath and always has, but he gets a little too excited for his own good sometimes. He just won’t sit still. He crawls from one end to the other non-stop the entire bath. He will not sit still no matter what toys I lure him in with. So we have to bath on the go. Scrub his tush as he crawls away, his face as he crawls toward (the face is relatively easy though since he likes to shove his face under the running faucet) and thank goodness for tear free shampoo since the shampooing is done on the run and there is no way to tip him back so the water and shampoo doesn’t run off right into his adorable little face. But it’s a workout! Any Moms or just smart people in general out there have any ideas on how to get the little nugget to sit the heck still?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fresh Prince of Bel-Baby

Not much point to this post really except to share these far too adorable pictures of Jack. I Love my baby!

Easter Finally

So it may have taken me awhile but I am finally getting around to posting about Easter. We had a fairly laid back Easter, but it was a good time. On Good Friday Jack, Branden and I went to the traditional pancake breakfast and walk in my old ward. It was great to see all my family and old friends. We went on the walk with my family and Opper and his wife Natalie and it was a great, but long walk!

After that we all hung out back at my parents place. They had done an easter egg hunt for us big kids and there was kinder eggs and baby food for the babies. Jack got about 1/8 of a kinder egg and loved every minute of its chocolatey goodness.

Jack finding the "hidden" eggs

Then we had an amazing easter dinner of steak, baked potatoes, corn asparagas and pie. It was quite wonderful.
Jack happily smashing the eggs together.

Then on Sunday we did our own little easter egg hunt with Jack. He managed to find most of the eggs (although they were not exactly well hidden). Then he enjoyed banging them together profusely until his baby snacks popped out. It was cute to watch! All in all it was a good first easter for Jack!

Jack with his Egg stash

Sunday, April 19, 2009

No Smoking for Babies

The weather around here has been gorgeous this last week. And on Friday my friend Janeth and her little boy Luke (who's just a month younger than Jack) and Jack and I decided to enjoy it by going to the park for a picnic. The boys had a lot of fun and seem to be enjoying parks and outdoors more and more as the days go by. We swung on the swings, went on a four way teeter totter. Went down slides and climbed through tubes. It was great... until catastrophe struck!

The boys were sitting on the ground on a blanket eating and Jack was crawling about on the surround grass exploring and eating leaves and dirt and what not. Quite frankly I'm totally okay with him eating dirt. I think its part of being a boy. So I wasn't paying that much attention to it at all. Then I look down and Jack has something in his mouth and is making a most disgusted face about it. Upon further inspection Janeth and I discovered it was a cigarette butt! I almost cried and barfed. I scraped it out, wipied his mouth and gave him a drink post haste. I felt like pretty much the worst mom ever. I didn't even think to look for and clear out cigarette butts. It was terrible and the poor kid smelt like smoke in his mouth region all day after that, even after a thorough mouth scrubbing when we got home. It was not cool. So note to all first time Mothers scan the immediate zone and throw out all cigarette butts when you go to the park!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Jack's First Steps

Today is an eventful day. It is the day of Jack's first steps. About a week ago he ventured one small step at my parents house, but I don't count that as anything.. it is first steps not step. But today he did it, several in a row 3 or 4 and MAN were the some drunk crazy looking steps, but still its cute and awesome he's starting to figure out how to walk.

It was pretty funny how the first steps happened and I really wish we had a video of what actually happened. My dear old friend Jacquie and her husband Ryan were over visiting (I haven't seen her in like 2 years so this was amazing!) and we were playing with Jack and seriously Jack loved Ryan. He thought he was hilarious! So Jack's first couple steps were actually going from me to Ryan. So funny! Then ryan turned him around and he like seriously jogged, I'm not kidding, JOGGED 4 or 5 steps back to me. His little legs were moving so fast. Its like he thought the faster he went the less likely he was to fall or something.. hahaha.

Anyways he is by no mean a pro-walker yet. But he's starting to do a small drunken stagger. We tried to get a video of the drunken stagger. It sort of worked out, but it was the end of the day and he was tired and not doing as well, but you still get the gist of it. Oh and please excuse my baby's trailer trashy no-shirtness.... its just how he rolls.