Sunday, December 19, 2010

Time for another update

I promise in the new year I'll be better at this. It makes me so sad I'm not because I feel like I will forget everything about how wonderful and hilarious my kids are right now.

Dean is basically out of control. For the past few weeks he's been taking a few steps here and there and practicing standing all on his own. He's definately not anywhere near full on walking yet, but we are at the first steps stage. Its pretty cute because he is way to tiny so it makes Branden and I barf and laugh at the same time when he takes steps. Also he is basically obsessed with stairs. And for some reason every morning when I bring him down (way too early when I'm stilll half dead tired and its pitch black out) I forget to put up the gate so I'll be getting breakfast or lying on the couch dying of tired and I'll hear giggling a little too far away and run and he's 3/4 of the way up the stairs laughing like a maniac because he knows he's not supposed to do it. He's pretty good at up the stairs, but hasn't figured out down and hasn't figured out that he doesn't know how to get down so we still have to keep them gated off. Also everytime Jack comes near him on the stair he gets distracted by his love for his brother and falls.

Speaking of the two of them they are basically too much in love with one another. They spend excessive amounts of time in the day taking turns tackling each other and then roll around hugging and laughing until someone inevitable gets squished or poked in they eye and they dissolve in tears and then 5 minutes later they are back at it. Its very cute. I love that they are buds. Jack is always so concerned when Dean is gone and does not enjoy that Dean naps once more a day then him and goes to bed before him. However when Dean destroys his train tracks he has a hard time not murdering him.

Jack is being so very, very 2.5 and most of the time I love it. He's talking like crazy and I'm pretty sure I got his and Deans halloween costumes mixed up because Jack is definately the riddler. He is nonstop asking questions. When we go out every person that we pass. "where she going? what they doing?" ugh.. I love it most of the time. but somedays I have to put a 2 minute ban on questions so I can regain my sanity. Jack is such a well behaved child. I mean he is crazy hyper and all over the place, but he loves to help. He helps me cook and clean and helps with Dean. He is sweet and caring and loving. He is lately getting very set in his opinions and mildly defiant. Which is a new stage that we are figuring out. its so funny to watch him try to refuse something we ask. he stands there saying no looking so unsure of himself I almost have to laugh. Somedays Jack gets soooo hyper he cannot control himself. Sometimes I'll see him next to Dean just shaking with desire to attack him (not a mean attack but a hyper,loving but always painful for Dean kind of attack) Its pretty hilarious.

Oh and they other day Jack told me that Daddy was "a green froggy that goes quack quack" ridiculous.

They boys are loving the snow. We got a sled for them for Christmas (and gave it to them early) and they are loving it. we have so much fun every day.

Branden just finished his 2nd last semester of school. He was so busy and hardly home the last few weeks so its nice to have him home for 3 weeks straight now. The boys and I are loving it. He did well and we are both soooo excited that he's almost done.

In bad news last friday Branden got into a BAD car accident and we are so lucky he walked away with only a minor bump to the head. It was really bad weather.. snow/rain/sleet stuff and he was going to kitchener. On the backroads there is this one really bad blind turn in the road and he was approaching it slowly when another guy came out coming towards him going way to fast and all the way over in Brandens lane. Branden swerved to avoid being hit head on by him and hit some icey leaves which sent him out of control and he ran over a street sign and was sent through quite a few trees about 30 feet down a hill at the side of a road. He ended up wedged between 2 huge trees and could barely open the doors. They had to remove several trees to get the car out. But he was okay thankfully and thats realkly all the matters. The worst part is the car is totalled and because the other guy took off (which infuriates me because if Branden had actually been hurt he would have been stuck because you could not see the car from the road) anyways because he took off the insurance company rules it as Brandens fault. which STINKS. but oh well such is life (I do hate care insurance companies though)

I'm doing well too. So excited for Christmas this year. We have everything ready (which is good since we have no car until they decide to send us the money to buy a new one) and I"m just trying to enjoy this time with my boys and husband.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I love bath time now that both boys can competently sit in the tub without one disappearing under the water every 10 seconds. They have so much fun playing with eachother and yes one sometimes accidently crawls over the other and tears ensue. but its so fun for them and for me

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Update Update

Well apparently I stink at blogging lately, but I strongly desire to get back into it because guess what? I also stink at journaling and my boys are pretty much the cutest thing that have ever existed right now so I just want to remember everything about them.

So here is the post blogging vacation synopsis.

Dean 7 Months

Dean is the best baby of all time. The kid is always smiley and happy. He is a HUGE baby compared to what Jack was. 75th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight. Compared to the solid 15th to 20th percentile Jack rocked for the first while of his life he's enormous to us. His physical development is crazy. The kid crawled super early and in the past few weeks he's been cruising like a champ and even mastered the stairs a few days ago. He loves cruising more than anything and is so proud of himself whenever he can follow us around. Yesturday he grabbed one of our kid chairs in the kitchen and was pushing it around to walk. He's out of control. He is the sweetest and most fun child ever. I have seriously only heard him really balls out cry once since he was 6 weeks old and that was last sunday. Our new house is heated by a gas fireplace and it got cold before we got a gate for in front of it and he slipped away from us last week and put his hands on the glass and burned the crap out of 3 of his fingers. He screamed and cried for hours until tylenol kicked in. he had 3 HUGE blisters and it took awhile to treat and bandage them, we thought we were in for a terrible week with the poor kid and his injury but since it happened he's been surpisingly good about it. Poor, poor child.

Jack 2.5 years

Jack is most days the cutest toddler in town. He definately has his moments lately though. He is really into asserting his independance which is fun, but challenging. We've been a bit worried about Jack's speech for the last few months, he has a TON of words, but his annuciation is lacking and he tends to smush words together. We went to a speech therapist and pretty much Branden and I speak to fast hence the smush. So we've been working hard and he's really coming along with his communication, which is helping with some of the frustration he's had. Jack though, is the funnest child around. He is never shy and just runs around playing with anyone he can find. He has the cutest flirtiest smile and just wins my heart over a million times a day. He's really getting into pretend play lately and loves to pretend to make me food, pretend to be a dog, pretend to be a frog, its pretty hilarious.

Branden 26 years

Branden is back for his final year of school (thank goodness) and its going well. He works HARD and is gone for 10 hours Monday through Thursday. Luckily he has no classes Fridays so we always get a 3 day weekend together. He's doing really well and working hard at school and his part time job at the school. He commutes to Kitchener everyday with is friend Jordan who is living in our basement. Its nice in some ways because Jordan drives him so I get the car everyday which certainly makes entertaining the boys easier.

Robin 27 years old

I am doing well. I love being at home with my boys, I love being nearer to my parents, I love having my own home to care for and improve. I do miss my friends from kitchener but we are really loving life. I am DREADING the end of my maternity leave. Branden will be almost done school by the time I finish my mat. leave so I won't have to go back to work full time hopefully. I think I will find a part time job though so we can get rid of school debt as soon as possible! I have been getting back into crafting lately and I'm really loving it. I'll have to post some of my projects as I finish them. I have about a million started and few actually finished.

What have we been up to lately?

We have been baking, baking, baking. Jack is OBSESSED with helping me bake. Everyday "mama I stir" "make cook cook". Mainly he dumps crap in the bowl, stirs for a minute, gets bored and then sneaks chocolate chips. Its pretty hilarious and adorable. We bestow our bakings on others often because we would be major fatties if we didn't.

Pumpkin carving with our cousin. The boys loved watching but NEITHEr would touch the guts. I had to gut the thing. I was schocked because I just assumed two 2 year old boys would love pumpkin guts. ESPECIALLY these 2, they are insane and gross and so totally boyish. But they did not have pumpkin gut love. We did all have fun though.

Playing in leaves. We live in a condo townhouse and in the complex there is a sweet old man Charlie that does alot of the maintenance. He is super nice and rakes all the leaves into piles around the condo for little ones to jump in and my little ones have LOVED playing in them. Leaves are definately the funnest part of fall for these two. Jack loves jumping in them and throwing them and Dean loves eating them.

We have been halloweening. We had great fun this year because Jack atleast semi understood it. I made the costumes. Jack was batman (I made the cape and batman hat and we used a t-shirt he already had) and Dean was the riddler I dyed and question marked the sleeper and hat. Jack was OBSESSED (and still is) with his cape. I made it double sided so it has batman one side and super jack other side. He loves wearing it and flapping his arms and screaming that he can fly. AT the last minute he really wanted his daddy to fly too so I made Branden his own cape. I think I'll work on one for Dean to so he can also fly. We went to our wards trunk or treat and brought my friend Julie her husband and two girls. We had a great time although it was freezing and got enough candy to last us quite awhile.

And if you've made it this far in my massive update (which I doubt many have) you get to hear all about my favourite thing.

These two boys are becoming best friends. They adore eachother. Dean thinks Jack is the funniest thing on the planet and follows him around laughing at him. And Jack loves being adored and loves his brother. He hugs/slash/tackles/slash/drags him a thousand times a day and they both laugh and laugh. If either is grumpy you bring them to the other and they are very likely to cheer right up. I LOVE my boys and I LOVE watching them become friends.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jacks Words

Right now Jack's language is developing like crazy, but he has a few things he says not quite right that just make me laugh like crazy and I want to record them so I never forget how perfectly adorable he is right this moment.

Jack is a blanket guy, LOVES his blanket. Only he doesn't say blanket quite right.. or right at all. He calls his blanket his Beyes. Like eyes with a b on it. its sooo cute. He also doesn't quite say mine right yet he says Meyes. so he walks around all the time looking for his blanket saying over and over "meyes beyes, meyes beyes". We love it.

He also apparently has not comprehension of how to actually pronounce thankyou. so whenever prompted to say thankyou he says "guy guys" or if you prompt thanks he says just "guys" soo weird. and apparently he's obsessed with the eyes sound. Its so cute though.

Also all done is "gall go" LOVE IT! I almost dread the day he starts pronouncing all of his words correctly.

And lest you think my child is mildly stupid, he says most words correctly just these ones are off and its hilarious for us.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

guess who crawls... sorta

Apparently Dean thinks he's older than he is. He's bigger than a 4.5 month old should be, rolls around like he owns the place and now crawls. WHAT!!?? I mean he's not crawling pro yet, but he can do two crawls before he gets tired and confused and gives up. Its insane. We can't believe it. I think its because Jack spends alot of time crawling around in front of him trying to get him to play. I;m sure he's still some time before he can properly crawl away from me with speed, but he's only 4.5 months old and its ridiculous! I love my little Deany guy and Jack is getting super excited that Dean is almost ready to help him destroy the world!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kiddie Pool

By far the thing that has brought us the most joy and entertainment this summer is our kiddie pool. Jack loves it, Branden loves it, my cousin Zach loves it (yes the big boys jump in there with Jack) and even Dean loves it.

We spend many hot days Jack swimming around the little pool while Branden and I lounge and chat with our feet slung in. It is the PERFECT way to spend a summer day.

Friday, August 6, 2010


My brothers girls have been in town staying with my parents this past week so we've been doing lots of fun stuff. On Thursday we headed to the Beach at Pinehurst in Paris. First I have to say it is the PERFECT beach for little guys. Its small, not busy and you can walk out quite a ways before the water gets above their head. Its perfect for keeping an eye on them and still letting them have plenty of freedom, because we all know how little boys love their freedom.

Jack had an absolutley amazing time playing with his cousins. they are so great with him. They made sand castles for him to destroy, helped him bury my legs, had water fights with him and just made his day enjoyable. It was a great day, but it was HOT and I was glad Dean was able to stay home with Branden. He would have just about died in the heat.

Great Wolf Lodgin' It

This week we went to Great Wolf Lodge as a big extended family. Me, Branden, Dean and Jack. My sister Sarah and her husband Grant and their boy Thomas, my parents and my brothers daughters Jenna, Katie and Devin. It was so much fun. So much fun, in fact, that I didn't manage to squeeze in any picture taking. We all shared 2 rooms between us and I was luckily able to get us a discount through my work. The place was expensive, but it was AMAZING. We loved the whole atmosphere. Although most of the waterpark was aimed older than our kids, there was still so much stuff for the 2 year old crowd to do. There was even one of the HUGE water slides that you go down on a raft that we could take Jack on. He loved it through his terror. There were smaller slides that were so much fun for the little guys, a lazy river they loved, a wave pool, lots of splash area. A huge playground/slash/climbing thing/slash/ splash area they couldn't get enough of. It was a blast. At night we left the kids with my parents and went down and had a blast on all the big slides. It was great. there's mini golf, story time, babysitting for the kids thats reasonably priced when they are 4 and over and way to expensive for the 2 year and new born crowd. Dean loved the hot tub, it was great!

We had an amazing time and want to go back again when both boys are old enough to play. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pay/Pray-Clearly Interchangable

So yesturday Jack and I were at the grocery store picking up some gingerale and other assorted items for Branden who was home with Dean and a sick tummy. One of the assorted items happened to be chocolate in nature and this was the item Jack was assigned to carry. Once we got to the checkout and were stuck in a rather long line Jack decided he had had enough of carrying said chocolate goodies and wished to eat them. I quickly advised him that we first had to pay for them. Jack mistook the need to pay for them for the need to PRAY for them so right there in the middle of the line (much to the entertainment of our fellow line waiters) he plomped his bum down, folded his arms and prepared to pray. It was hilarious and of course I couldn't resist his extreme righteousity so i opened it up and let him have one in line. If your willing to sit and pray in the middle of the grocery store you definately deserve chocolate.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jiggity Jack

Jack lately is literally both the light of my life and the bain of my existance. He is pretty much the cutest thing ever. His language is progressing like crazy although its hard to pick out if you're not his mom. The problem in our house with language development is that both Branden and I are major fast talkers so its hard for Jack to pick out sometims what we're saying. We've been trying to slow down a bit with him in mind but we've also noticed he's talking alot more than we give him credit for. he just smooshes words together and says them SUPER fast. He's got sentences like a crazy man but you have to listen real carefully. Instead of saying "we've got to go" he says incredibly quicly "weguddago" and where did it go? is "wheredigo?" and so on a so forth. tis great, but we better slow down or his teachers will never understand him.

Jack is amazing with Dean. He plays with him an d kisses and hugs him like mad. he is an amazikng big brother. Jack is also the biggest flirt in flirt town. He is always playing with all the lady babies in our new ward and smiles and jsut gives him his best behaviour. He is SOOO much like Branden its ridiculous, but I love it!

On the other hand Jack has hit the terrible two's full force. Most days hes still sweet and cute and the best kid ever, but ask for a diaper change or dare to not get him a snack the second he requests it and hulk jack appears. I beg I plead for him to return to bruce banner as I laugh at his baby rage, but it doesn't work.. UGH. Good thing its short lived and not often or I might run away.

Army Crawl

My little Dean is pretty much the craziest, best baby of all time. The kid already only wakes up once a night (and sometimes even manages to sleep right through) he smiles all day unless he's tired or hungry. He laughs at the drop of a hat and thinks me, Branden and Jack are hilarious. He stares at his brother with awe all the time and is soo impressed with Jack. He rolls like a crazy man which si taking some adjusting on Jacks part. If we place Dean down one place he can now be across the room in a matter of seconds and Jack is not used to avoiding stomping on a moving target so we've had a few accidental stomping incidents. Dean is already army crawling. its crazy, he's not even 4 months old yet. The kid is simply out of control.

We adore him though and he is turning out to be soo much fun for all three of us.


Well its been almost 4 months since Dean was born and my excuses are running out so this week I finally joined a gym.

I lost all the weight I gained with Dean right away, but I was packing a few extra before I got pregnant with him and i really want to lose the weight. I really can't blame my "mommy tummy" on my kids much though (except the stretched out skin) because I didn't put on much in either of my pregnancies and both times I had lost the weight before my 6 week check up. But I have weight to lose because I got lazy after having Jack and put some of the weight on and then got knocked up again before I could lose it so ya... I need to lose the chunk.

I've been to the gym 3 times since I joined on Friday and I feel good... and awful. SEriously my muscles are dead but it feels sooo good to be dead like this. Today I went to a class. A bosu Ball class and holy work out. I almost passed out and died but i made it through. I thought it was the beginner level class but the instructor advised me halfway through (as she noticed the PUDDLE of sweat forming beneath me as I grunted and moaned) that it was advanced. So I'm pretty proud i didn't actually die.

I need to keep motivated because I really want to get back to my when I got married weight and that is further away than I care to ever admit.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Well its been awhile hasn't it. Last time i wrote was before I had Dean and now the little lad is 3 months. To say the last 3 months has been crazy and busy would be an understatement.

In the past three months I had the wonderful and beautiful Dean Patrick Owen MacLean. He weighed in at 7lbs 1 ounce and was 22.5 inches long. Branden finished his exams. I went into a short lived postpartum crazy area. We bought a house and moved. We've now been here 6 weeks we have painted almost the whole thing, ripped out half the garden (and are still working on the other half) We've replaced windows and had about a billion family BBQ's (We now live in the same condo/townhouse complex as my parents, aunt uncle and cousins. its great!) I've been in a car accident and ganked up my back bad. Dean learned to roll from front to back (at 8 weeks crazy boy) and is working hard on back to front. Jack is getting cuter and more talkative by the moment. He makes noises/slash/talks all the day long. it goes something like this.. giberish, gibberish,gibberish. lets go mom. gibberish gibberish gibberish. you have never seen a kid talk more with saying less. he is probaly THE MOST friendly kid you will ever meet. I seriously have to watch him so closely because he has no stranger hesitation and makes friends with kids and adults alike everywhere we go.

Jack LOVES Dean. He has his jealous moments, but I"m proud to say he has not yet hurt or lashed out on dean on purpose Many accidental hurtings. he frequently tries to pick up dean and fails and drops him, or gets excited running around and trips on deans head or stomps on his hand. But such is the life of a second child. Dean also loves Jack he puts up with toys being shoved in his face, Jack gettign all up in his grill "tickling" him and being tripped on constantly and does nothing but smile and laugh at his ridiculous older brother.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Due Date, Due Date

Today the baby is due.

To be perfectly honest with you I fully expected to have a several day old, if not several week old baby in my arms by now. Jack was early and I expected this one to be early too. I left work super early so I'd be ready (since I wasn't with Jack) and now to spite me and my preparedness this child is apparently bound and determined to be late.

That is just how life works. I left at the last possible minute with Jack and wasn't ready at all and wasn't rested at all and he was early. This one I am sitting around in utter discomfort, twiddling my thumbs waiting for the baby to arrive.

I am just sick of being fat and I'm sick of weird pains. I went to the OB yesturday and she said if she had to place a bet she'd think I had atleast another week before the baby would come. She also said she'd never seen a baby with his head engaged that still managed to have his legs all up in his mothers ribs and lamented my extreme discomfort as the bablet kicked off my ribs with much force and head butted my cervix. OUCH!!

Also Im' sick of not being able to keep up with Jack. He can run faster than his ginormously fat mother now and is using it to his advantage.

Last week I took him to a large community park with several friends and their kids and was taking full advantage of my slow, rotundness. He ran off at full speed for the swings and got butted in the face by a 15 year old high swinging tushy before I could get to him. He almost catapulted off a 3 foot wall but i was luckily able to haul my fat tush up it and down the other side to save him in time, although I sacrificed some pulled muscles in the process and he ran into the community centre and joined in a class before I could catch him. He also got stuck in a covered slide and thank goodness Janeth was there and thin enough to crawl in and get him.

He is QUITE an adventurous soul that child.

Anyways, I dont' want to complain too much. Actually I DO WANT to complain too much but i'm sure many women that have gone far past their due dates would punch me in the face if I complained too much at this point so I won't.. BUt PLEASE let this baby come soon before I die of discomfort and anticipation.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mat. Leave

Well I have officially been on Maternity Leave for this baby for one week now. Well technically I"m currently using up extra vacation which is awesome because since its vacation and not technical mat. leave Jack is still in daycare for as long as I need/want each day so I can actually get stuff done around the house.

I have been scurrying around the last week trying to prepare for this baby without exhausting myself too much. With Jack I barely had anytime off before I had him and we had next to nothing ready when he was born. We figured with our first we'd be late if anything, but that little boy had to be early so we were not ready! Add to that I was SOOO TIRED I just wanted to die when I went into labour with him. I'd been away from home for a few days visiting and had not slept well and went into labour right before I went to bed and UGH! It was not good.

So with this one I"m trying sooooo hard to actually be ready and rested! So far its working, but please pray for me that this little baby does not come until atleast Saturday! I need this week to finish up everything! (and yes I know I"m a FREAK and most people hope for early babies, but such is life!)

My Due date is March 25th so its coming up quickly and aside from not being ready to have this baby I am SOOOOOO READY to have this baby. My body feels like its about to crap out on me. For the last two weeks I"ve been retaining water like CRAZY! and who knew but retaining water makes you HURT so bad! SEriously this pregnancy up until last week I'd only put on 10 pounds total, then last week. 5 pounds in one week. HELLO water retention! UGH!

I also dont' think Jack is at all ready for this baby. He sort of knows its coming and I can see hes struggling with it! I'm sure he'll be fine after a few weeks of adjustment, but we are trying to give him all the extra love and attention we can now.

He is way to cute for words lately. He's had a verbal explosion the last few weeks (thank goodness!) and is saying about 10 new words a day. YEsturday he decided it would be appropriate to climb up on my stomach and stomp on my when I was lying down reading so I of course had to give him a major lecture about how inappropriate this was and he grabbed my cheeks as I was explaning that it was NOT COOL and said Kisses Momma and kissed me... haha so cute! HOw could I be upset at him after that!

I know I Stink at blogging lately, but now I"m off work and I think I'll get back into it.. excuse my return post of MAJOR scatterbrainedness.... I"m 9 months pregnant you know.. so I use it as an excuse to not have a clear brain!