Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rolling Baby

I have been very STRONGLY encouraging Jack to roll for quite sometime now. I know he is only 3 months and I'm probaly pushing it, but he's gone back to waking up 8 to 10 times a night and when he falls asleep on his tummy in tummy time he just seems so much happier and more peaceful. I just wanted him to be a competent roller as quickly as humanly possible so he can sleep on his stomach and hopefully then stop waking his Mother up a billion times a night.

Anyways Jack has been so stubborn about not rolling over despite my massive encouragement and giving him an hour plus of tummy time most days. He loves his tummy so much he just falls asleep half the time instead of moving around.

BUT today we finally hit the milestone. Jack rolled, several times. We're at 3 so far and he's only been on tummy time for probaly an accumulative 15 minutes so its totally not a random fluke! I'm so excited! I'll give him a few more days/weeks/whatever it takes to get really good at rolling then we'll try the stomach for naps first and see how it goes. I really hope it works and soon my baby sleeps better!

Oh and the best part of him choosing today to roll is that Branden and I both happened to be there and paying attention when he rolled. So awesome that we both got to see his first roll!

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