Friday, July 1, 2011

Update.. hopefully soon to be more frequent.

Well I stink at updating and I'm certain noone reads anymore BUT every once in awhile I get this feeling that i MUST MUST MUST remember how adorable and perfect and frankly sometimes infuriating my kids are at this age and I feel the need to update.

WE have had the funnest summer so far (with the exception of the last week) WE have been off on a new adventure every day. Taking the bus (apparently the coolest thing EVER for a 3 year old and a 1 year old) tot he library. Splash pad after splash pad. Hours at parks where Dean has perfected going up and down stairs himself without me having to worry and also perfected going down slides without me having to worry about him taking a header. Its very relaxing now.

Dean is getting OLD. 15 months now. He's not talking much but he understands most things we say. his least favourit would be "go to time out Dean" he collapses in half in tears when he gets that one. But sometimes (like when you climb up on the couch and drop a heavy book on your brothers head) a time out is necessary. Dean has 4 words total, not a big talker yet. we have Dada. Go, Cheers (his and Jack's favourite dinner time activity is cheersing. SOOOO cute! and random that he has that word) and he says Ja for Jack but only when he really, really, really misses him.

Jack is getting smarter by the second I swear. He sees commericials for the new kindergarten and is soooo excited to go and MAD he has to wait a whole year to do so. He just finished up his soccer season. It was short but good. Some games he was a serious superstar monopoloizing the ball and scoring goal after goal. but sometimes he stunk and would not stop wrestling other boys and jumping up and down holding hands with the girls long enough to play. he was the smallest kid most games so sometimes he just couldn't keep up. BUT he had ALOT of fun and I'm glad we signed him up. I'm a big believer in organized sports.

As for Branden and I things are great. i went back to work the beginning of March. Just part time and since we moved an hour away from my work I was going to quit and find another part time job BUT they offered me to work part time FROM HOME for them. So I work 20 hours a week from home. Its the best of both worlds. I gett o stay home with my babies all day every day. I don't have to pay for day care, but I still work 4 hours a day and get to bring in the extra money that helps us pay down our student loans faster. Most days its great. I work during the boys naps or sometimes I squeeze in an hour or two in the morning when Dean is napping or the boys are just chilling out before we go out. somedays its the hardest thing in the world.. like when they are being beastly. But mostly its great.

Branden got a job working for Amico in woodstock. He's doing stuff he loves, its only a 25 minute drive from our house so we can stay here a few more years like we planned and best of all they gave him a work truck so the boys and I have a car EVERY DAY, hence why we have been having SO MUCH fun this summer. He's happy, but he works long days. 10 hours a day every day and some weekends if they have big projects coming up. But we're adjusting to not having him around as much and its going really great.

This last week has been brutal. we went up to the Thomas S monson camp dedication (me, my aunt and the boys because Branden had to work) on Saturday and it was a BRUTAL day. We had to go because I"m in charge of girls camp and we had to take a ton of food up. But man my kids are NOT car sleepers and barely slept the 8 hours of driving and clearly didn't sleep at all there because it was raining and there was too much mud to explore. So this week they have been tired and grumpy just trying to recover. Especially Dean. he is a rage-a-saurus this week and driving his mom crazy. But he's still soo cute.. espeically when he eats rice from his chubby thighs.

Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 stinks

the last month has been rough we had the stomach flu, then the flu flu, then the stomach flu again. we have had many issues with our car being written off and getting a new one. we finally have a 2008 honda civic, but are still sorting through issues with the insurance. things have just been not simple and we are stressed. so I wanted to write and remember all the good things that are going on among the chaos.

my kids are adorable pretty much.

dean sucks HARD at sleeping, but we are starting sleep training tonight so pray for us that it works and pray for my sanity the first few hard nights.

other than that dean is sooo close to walking he takes a few steps here and there between me and branden, but keeps getting sick and so gets slowed down. I'm convinced he'd have been walking awhile ago had we not had so much sickness.

Dean and Jack still love eachothr and have daily wrestling/hug matches on the floor, that are ending in tears for one of them less and less every week that passes.

He is the happiest and smiliest baby ever and just oodles of fun. you can't help but love him when you see him.

Jack is just hilarious. we were playing witht he big box for our new stroller yesturday. Branden andI were putting it over him and then pretending to go to bed. He would knock on the box and say "i'm in here" until we came. HILARIOUS.

Jack is getting attitude and its so funny we almost pee our pants. if he doesn't like what you say or do. he says fine, crosses his arms and stomps off. then comes back 20 seconds later laughing and having a great time.

He loves running behind the couch then jumping out hugging me and saying I miss you mama. it melts my heart every time.

And everytime he gets sad he comes running to me. "I need a huggie mommy" so cute.

and when I want to kiss him and he doesn't want me to he says "no no smoochie Mommy"

I just love this stage. its so funny. He's finaally starting to become aware of his bodily functions, so perhaps we'll trying potting training in a few months. but whenever he farts (or hears Branden or I fart) he says "what sound?" and then aanswers "the sound of pooing" hahaha. LOVE IT>

so although life is a bit much right now i love that I get to be home with my kidlets full time right now and most of the time (when they aren't waking me up at 3am to be bed for the 5th time or covered in barf screaming) they are totally adorable.