Monday, August 4, 2008

Fist Sucker Jack

Branden thinks this one looks like he's trying to eat and imaginary icecream cone.

Recently Jack has discovered his hands and his favourite new hobby is sucking his fist. I think its so cute because I"ll be doing the laundry and I'll randomly hear these big slurpy sucking noises and come around the corner to see Jack going to town on his fist. Its just so adorable. Sometimes Branden and I think we should be a little bit concernicus about this, because inevitably when he becomes slightly more dexterous it will evolve into thumb sucking which if we cannot get under control by the time adult teeth come in will inevitably lead to braces, BUT who cares because he's cute and it makes him happy when nothing else will.


Sarah Webb said...

Jared sucked on his hand a bunch, but he doesn't suck his thumb now. Although he was quite addicted to a pacifier for a while there and still needs it for naps and bedtime. But I'd rather have him on a paci.

Kelli Brewer said...

I love that you're watching Jon & Kate plus 8 in the background :)