Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mud Man

Last Saturday Branden and I took Jack out for a walk in his new jogging stroller. It had rained quite a bit earlier in the day and there was some mud scattering the ground. Of course, being the klutz that I am, I discovered a random patch of this mud with my unsteady feet in their unsteady flip flops and I slipped. I managed to keep myself from falling and my legs just slid around a bit. Catastrophe averted... or so I thought. Several seconds later we look up and see that my massive stumble has sprayed mud all over Jack and his new stroller. He was covered in mud and because we were outside and he licks whenever we are outside (weird I know) he was licking away at it. Poor kid. I wanted a picture soo bad, but Branden decided we would be negligent parents if we didn't clean him up post haste. So by the time we got home to the camera he was all clean. So sad, it would have made a GREAT scrapbook page.

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