Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jack is One

Today Jack officially turns one years old! We really didn't do anything special, although I am making him a birthday cookie right now.

I can't believe how fast the past year has gone by. I can believe my baby is no longer a baby he is a little toddler! I just stare at him in awe as I watch him walk around exploring his world and figuring everything out.

He is really so amazing and Branden and I honestly feel we really lucked out. He somehow managed to come into this world and only get both of our best qualities and leave our truly terrible ones behind (which makes us terrified for whenever we have another that it will get all the terrible ones).

He is so smart and funny. Seriously he's starting to figure out jokes and will do anything to make us laugh. He loves to play peekaboo he will hide behind anything and jump out at us.

He LOVES being chased more than anything. Branden and I probaly spend a half an hour an evening chasing him from one end of the hallway to the other, him laughing hysterically all the while.

Jack is getting so big and loves getting into trouble. He is at the stage where he just tears everything apart and loves carrying stuff. He takes all the things that belong at one end of the apartment and takes them to the other and vice versa.

Jack is always on a mission. He marches and runs around the house like he has so much to do and so little time. Its hilarious to watch!

He think his tummy is hilarious. Whenever he had a big meal and his tummy is full and slighly distended he walks around pulling his shirt up and patting and slapping it laughing and grumbling.

I could seriously watch this wonderful little boy all day. he is endlessly entertaining to me. We love him so much!!

Happy Birthday to my fabulous little boy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Today is my first Mother's Day as an actual Mom (last year was just a week before I had Jack). I want to start off by recognizing my own Mom who has taught me so much about how to be a Mom. My Mom is great, she is the least selfish person I know. She is funny, an amazing listener, strong, smart, spiritual and just all around wonderful. I don't think I'd be half the Mother I am without here example. I love you mom!!

Next, lets talk a little about how my day went. I woke up early with Jack and he was perfectly adorable and somewhat cuddly for a bit in the morning and then became ridiculously whiney and tired all of a sudden. So we had to give him a nap before church which in turn made us late for church. Branden and Jack did, however, present me with my Mothers day gift of Hypnotic Poison perfume. It is my favourite perfume EVEr and I ran out a few months ago, so I was pretty happy.

Then was church which was quite delightful and Jack managed to hold it together reasonably well. after church naps and then Jack woke up. I noticed when I went to grab him toys that his play pen was covered in pen. The day before he had somehow found a pen and bit it in half and gotten ink all over himself. It took us forever to clean him up and we didn't even think to check his playpen. Today I discovered the mess. pen all over his toys, the carpet is blue from one end to the other. UGH. Branden and I spent hours scrubbing it and we have most of it out, but ground zero (where the initial explosion happened) is still a mess! UGH! Then Jack spent the evening whining, we put him to bed early and awhile later heard massive crying went into check and he had pooped out of his diaper and onto my bear Branden got me he sleeps with. My kid dumped on my teddy bears head! oh man, that took awhile to clean up to!

So parts of today good, parts bad. Tomorrow work starts so hopefully that goes well!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

1 Week Left

How will I ever leave my little pudding Hitler!

Today I have just one week of maternity leave left. It is frankly quite depressing and I am feeling far more emotional than I thought I would. I'm trying really hard not to think too much about it, because I'm sure once I'm in the habit of things it won't be terrible. I know Jack will be okay, we had a meeting with his daycare last week and he got to play with his teachers and the kids and he just loved it so much. The ladies, Mary Anne and Gayle are amazing and loving and wonderful and the kids are great and entertaining. I'm quite sure it will be harder on me than him. I can't imagine leaving my little nugget, I'm going to miss him so much. Add to that I am going to be exhausted! All this week I am making ahead freezer meals so I don't have to worry too much about cooking for the first bit I'm back at work. I figure one less thing on my plate is good. Today I made 8 shepherd's pies to freeze. YUM! Tomorrow I go into mass production of lasagna. It will all be okay, I just have to keep telling myself that!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jack's Birthday Party

Birthday boy excited to celebrate!

Well, Jack isn't yet one, but we did celebrate his birthday yesturday. Branden starts back to work tomorrow and me next Monday so we decided to get the stress out of the way before we get super busy.

It was a great party. We had it at my parents house and lots of family was there. Jack had so much fun, but was dead tired by the end of the day.

I tried to go all out for it, I mean you only turn 1 once right! Branden thought I was ridiculous, but it all turned out really great. Except my monkey truffle pops. they tasted good, but did not look as nice as I had hoped and definately were not worth the 5 hours of effort.

The theme as you can guess from my last paragraph was monkey's! everything was monkey, the birthday sign, the cupcakes, the treat bags, the truffle pops. It was great.

Jack got some great gifts, including a motorized bus from my cousin Zach and his girlfriend Kiera, a block dump truck from his aunt and uncle, a trainset and adorable outfit from grandma and grandpa, an awesome winnie the poo suit case from cousin Bailey and the ability to pick out his own gift from the toy aisle from Aunt Sue and Uncle Randy.

He loved his first cupcake experience. He seriously could not get enough of it and went onto a serious sugar high for about 10 to 15 minutes after it. At one point he ran across the room screaming at his cousin Thomas, attacked stole he bottle and nearly killed the baby. He was out of control hilarious running and screaming until he pretty much collapsed from exhaustion.

All in all It was a great time and I'm so grateful for everyone that came and celebrated with us.

Now, onto some pictures from the event.

Monkey Treat bags for everyone to take home.

Our Jack inspired Beverages

A fuzzy view of the happy birthday sign I made

Monkey cupcakes

Decor outside

Jack playing in his bus

So excited by the candle and cupcake

Loving the first cupcake bite.

Jack could not get enough of the cupcake!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Well I'm slow writing, but Branden has had this week off so we've been busy and Jack's birthday party is today later on and I've been soooo busy getting all the details for that ready. but I have a few minutes right now and Jack is off with Branden directing traffic for some Osmond thing thats going on with the church so I thought I would blog.

Monday night Branden and I spent our first night away from Jack. I missed him alot, but it was less than I thought I would, mainly because we had SO much fun! I forgot to take any pictures though so my words will have to suffice.

Monday we dropped Jack off at Branden's parents in the late morning, they were kind enough to watch him for us. Then we went over to my friend Opper and his wife Natalie's house in Toronto for lunch. It was so good to see him, since we hardly do anymore. they made us a delicious lunch, then we went and got the most amazing gelato. It was great.

Then we went to our hotel in downtown toronto. It was really nice and we had a King bed, which was so nice! I really want one of those one day! We got changed and went out and did some shopping. Went for a really nice dinner at City Grill. It was so nice to shop and eat dinner without Jack. It went so fast compared to what we are used to.

Then we went back to our hotel room for the night and the next morning it was pouring, so our plans for much outdoor walking were cancelled so we went to ikea to get Jack a toy chest and some other assorted items. We picked up Jack and spent some time with Branden's Mom. Jack seemed like he had tons of fun, he didn't miss us at all but he certainly was excited to see us when we got there.

It was so great to just get away and spend some time alone. I recommend doing that to anyone, its so refreshing. We're going to take advantage of my parents next time sometime later this summer and get away for a day or two again!