Friday, July 18, 2008

Swimming with Grandma and Grandpa

Jack and I just returned from a two day visit at my parents house. My parents swim every morning for an hour and the two days we were there Jack and I accompanied them. It was Jack's first swimming experience so I was a little nervous to see how he would react. He loves baths, but swimming is a whole new experience. Luckily the pool they swim at has a warm pool so he didn't have to deal with the shock of the cold.

My worries were very unfounded though, Jack loved swimming and especially doing so with his Grandpa. He smiled and laughed and stared at my Dad the whole time, he had a blast and he loves being bounced around the pool with my Mom water splashing in his face and all. I think I will have a swimmer on my hands.

And the major plus to swimming is that although Jack loves it apparently it also totally exhausts him because he slept like nuts both days after his exhausting swim.


Rachel said...

My kids loved swimming too! Now that we have a pool here I am hoping they will actually make a little more progress than just splashing around! One piece of advice....wear a bathing suit with a sports back not a "U" shaped one. Before you know it Jack will pull on one of your straps and you don't want him to make you flash a lifeguard like Ethan did to me when he was a baby! LOL

Sarah Webb said...

I take Jared swimming a lot too! I love it for its tiring effect it has on him. He goes down for naps so easily after a swim!