Friday, July 18, 2008

Cousin Love

You know you love your newest little cousin when he can take a deuce on your lap and you are still smiling and loving him. Recently my oldest niece Jenna, who is 13, came over to visit little Jack for the first time, she was sitting in the chair holding him when he erupted in a loud, long gurgling from his tushy. We were all laughing at the beasty sound and I was heading over to get Jack to change him when Jenna felt a little bit of warmth on her lap. His poop had erupted from his diaper and landed all over her lap. Poor little girl! She took it well though, cleaned herself up while I cleaned up Jack. Laughed her way through it and even happily held him again afterwards. In fact we noticed a little later that the poo stain remaining on her jeans was in the shape of a heart. Apparently Jack was just letting her know how much he loved her.


Sarah Webb said...

awww, a heart of poo. That's love.

Eric and Hilary said...

Jenna is such a little lady now! she's so pretty too! how cute of her to enjoy the poo eruption (which sierra is currently doing on my lap & i just changed her-what is up with that?)

robinm said...

I know i couldn't believe how grown up Jenna was when she came this time. The boys in my ward couldn't get enough of her! Okay seriously the first like 4 weeks for Jack eh pooped 8 to 10 times a day I HATED IT. i felt like we were constantly changing his diaper and were going to go poor and it woudl never end! it was ridiculous. You'd change his diaper and 10 minutes later he'd poop again.. however after 4 weeks he went down to probaly only 2 times ad ay.. thank goodness!!!