Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pretty Much the Worst Day EVER!

So the title of this blog says it all. Today is pretty much the worst day I've ever had. It started good. Jack and I were up early and I was playing with him on the floor and he laughed for the first time ever. He's been smiling loads lately (I have a blog in the works on that), but this was the first laugh and it was so cute and just melted my heart, but to follow up that moment of sheer ecstasy came many moments of sheer torture.

At 8:30 this morning we went to have Jack circumcised and by we, I mean me as Branden couldn't get the day of work at the last minute. I wasn't too worried about it. From talking with other friends it didn't sound too bad, they didn't go in the baby was gone for a bit, came back and was pretty much fine. Seems most of my friends little babies barely noticed after the fact. Jack, however, was not so lucky.

First I made the mistake of going in. I don't know why, I just never really saw the opportunity to not go in, the nurse just shuttled me around and never asked if I wanted to be there, just assumed so being the pansie that I am I stayed. They set Jack up in the most hideous contraption and pinned down his little legs. He was not impressed by this and promptly tried to kick out of his restraints and in so doing forced out a huge poop. Fight the power Jack. Then they started to put the local anaesthesia (with a big scary needle) into his little pee pee doodle and he peed on the doctor. Fight the Power Jack! Finally they got him strapped in, properly emptied and anaesthetised and he just kept on kicking. It terrified me because I was afraid the doctor might miss with all his flailings!

Then the procedure began and let me warn all future mothers of sons DO NOT WATCH. Oh my holy heck is it horrific. I will not go into graphic details because you will all vomit and cry. Anyways I watched, what was I doing!! I felt so dumb, I was trying to comfort him, but the nurse had to comfort me because I kept half crying. My poor baby boy!! He wasn't too bad during the procedure, just mild fussing so I thought it would be okay. But when we got home and the freezing wore off, holy heck. I have never heard my little boy cry so hard or so long, I gave him baby tylenol and it worked a bit, but he still drifted in and out of sleep and when he was out he was screaming.

Thankfully Branden got off work early so we could trade off and get breaks for the screaming boy who was totally glued to either of our chests.. its been such a terrible afternoon! We just gave him a bath because you have to everyday and I was prepared for massive screaming, but he loved it! LOVED IT! Splashed around and smiled and kicked, we left him in their until he started to wrinkle and it seems to have calmed him because its been a whole 10 minutes and no crying. Hopefully this sticks and he is better, because my heart is breaking and honestly I'm a mess whenever he cries, I cry> its quite pathetic and I feel for my poor husband.

All I have to stay is the next baby, if its a boy, is going uncut!


Heather @ Raising Memories Blog said...

lol 'fight the power jack'

Oh, Robin, poor little Jack! I nearly cried for him, just reading this! I pray this baby is a girl!!

Even if just to avoid this one thing! ;)

Oh poor little jack.

Rachel said...

Oh Robin,
My heart is breaking for you right now. I cannot imagine how hard that was. I thought Ethan's cat scan when he was 3 was hard (well it was hard but at least he was 3!) I couldn't get him cut when he was a baby. Just couldn't do it. I hope little Jack continues to feel better. Fight the power baby boy! Fight the power! LOL Take care mommy....I think you need a break.

Eric and Hilary said...

haha awww poor baby jack! i feel so bad for you and him! and branden! i couldn't take it. good thing i had a girl!

The Bedke Fam said...

so sad!!! poor little jack. i can't believe you watched that! i love your descriptions of everything. oh robin, i miss you!!! oh and i just looked through your new pics on facebook. jack is just so cute. i wanna pinch his little cheek. softly of course.

jjandb said...

Oh jack and your poor pee pee doodle! poor mommy...I just kept reminding myself that so many boys have to have it done when they are older (the nurse told me 5 boys in every kindergarten class appox) and it would be WAY worse to have to do it then! He will be glad that you did it while he can't remember...of course you can remember and I really wish you had NOT gone in!!!!!