Friday, July 11, 2008

Smiles for Daddy

Jack has been smiling a ton more lately. He's turned into quite the smiley dude. But about a week and a half ago, when most smiles were still in response to farts he had the cutest little smiling fest with his Daddy. Branden and I were changing his diaper and outfit together (why oh why do so many of my blog posts have to do with Jack's diapers?) and we had finished with the diaper but he was not dressed yet. I was picking out the outfit for the day so Branden was playing with Jack and kissing his bare belly and every time that Branden kissed his Belly he would smile so huge and look right at his Daddy. It was so cute and it made me decide that already Jack thinks Branden is more fun than I am. I will have to work to correct that right away so I can get that many cute smiles.


Eric and Hilary said...

aw what a cute picture, i LOVE his tie and shirt so adorable and stylish of him/you.

robinm said...

it matched branden's outfit (sort of, colours atleast) I was so proud. I'm such a nerd!!! I had to have my Mom make the tie though because we couldn't find one.

I want to see more pictures of Sierra, I've only seen the ones on Jacquie's blog. How are you doing??

Anonymous said...

He's so cute, Robin! That smile is adorable. And all the poop stories are hilarious.

Sarah Webb said...

Oh baby ties are so hard to find. I have a tip though, if you're interested. Go to wedding shops, like in the mall or something. There's one in our mall just for kids wedding outfits. They have lots of baby ties and even have sales on them!

Cute pi, btw