Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jacks First Hair Cut

Today we took Jack for his first haircut. At first it was going much better than I expected, he was fascinated by his reflection in the mirror and his crazy silk cape and was being completely quiet and still. Then the lady sprayed his hair with the water and he FREAKED out and then spent the rest of the time acting like we were trying to cut off a piece of his soul. The hair cut turned out good though, no more wispy weird mullet. They gave us a first haircut certificate and a lock of his hair and did you know that first choice doesn't charge for first haircuts. I recommend them. The lady worked fast and made it as painless as possible.

here's Jack about to start the hair cut

And an after picture. its cute, but I think it makes him look so much older. He's totally a little toddler now and not my little baby. that makes me happy, but also a smidge sad.

And the new haircut with a cheesy in his hair. Worlds best Mom eh!

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The Bedke Fam said...

I LOVE his hair! The spikeyness is cute.