Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Worst Day EVER!

Today stinks, yesturday stunk too, but today is even worse. Both Jack and I got sick yesturday. Mine is a stomachish thing that does not let me be too far from a washroom at any point in time and we are going to the doctor for Jack later today, but he has the worst cough ever, a super runny nose, diarhea and a fever.

Needless to say I am not at work today. I am home very sick and in pain myself and with a very sick and sad little boy. We are watching on tv both of our favourites, the bachelorette and the wiggles. Good day!

Last night I was in gut wrenching pain and Jack was up every 5 minutes and Branden had to work today. So for the first time ever he slept in our bed out of ease of getting him. And let me say this, it will not be a frequent situation. The kid is the rudest sleeper ever, he refused to sleep the right direction and spent all night wiggling and squirming and coughing and waking up ever 5 minutes with his head shoved into Branden's armpit and his feet kicking me in various places on my face and torso. Seriously even when the kid is dead asleep he's moving! So none of us slept too well at all last night.

So today is about appeasing us both. currently Jack is quite happily playing on the floor, hacking away, with massive amounts of boogers streaming into his mouth. The reason why he's so happy is because i let him play with every electronic in the house. Two wii-motes-check, 2 remotes-check- 2 phones-check, one cell phone-check, and one old camera to top it off. The kid is in electronic heaven. I think when I get the energy to get off the couch I'll add a keyboard into the mix.

I hope he sleeps well today because I need sleep like noone's business.

On a cuter note (and less boogery and disgusting note) Jack is obsessed with stuffed animals lately. Actually make that stuffed animal. My cousin Bailey, his honorary Aunt Bailey bought him this fabulous soft lion thats bigger than he is that he LOVES. Every day when he comes home he runs straight for it throws it on the floor gets on top and gives it some serious LOVE (its soo weird, but makes him soo happy) and various times throughout every day he'll bring it to me to hug and then want me to hug him with the lion in between us. Its pretty much the cutest thing ever! I'll try and capture a video of him giving his lion love to share, because it is soo adorable (and weird!)


LyndiLou said...

Ahhh... I hope you two get feeling better quick! It's hard to not feel well, but a whole different adventure when baby has it! Just chant... "I'm on the verge of feeling well... I'm feeling better all the time..." That should help, right?!? ;)

Shop Girl* said...

I hope you both feel better!!! xo

The Bedke Fam said...

oh my gosh robin! sounds like so much fun at your house. i'm sorry! i hope you guys are feeling better today!!!

Eric and Hilary said...

oh the lion hump. how we love you.