Thursday, November 5, 2009


So on Tuesday after work Jack and I dutifully headed off to the Health Unit to received our H1N1 vaccines. We are both priority patients of course so we thought we'd take advantage of it. Overall it wasn't as bad an experience as I had thought. I thought I'd be waiting for hours, but on Sunday my good friend and Public Health Nurse Ruth advised me that Preggo's get to make appointments, so I only waited a mere 10 minutes (thats how early I was for my appointment).

Jack must have thought something funny was about to occur because he was clinging to me like crazy, which He NEVER does. He is such the forget about mommy where is my next adventure type. But in the waiting room he would not leave my lap and left a nice pile of drool on my chest with his cuddliness (I did so enjoy this random cuddly moment).

We got into the room and they administered my vaccine first. I was a little terrified Jack would freak out when he saw the needle going into my arm so I was trying to look overly happy. I must have looked like quite a freak to the nurse. My efforts of extreme smilyness were a waste though because Jack was fascinated by the needle, not freaked out at all. He kept trying to grab it and would not remove his eyes from it. So no crying there as I had expected.

Next it was Jacks turn. He still had fascination in the needle so was fine as I pinned his legs between my legs and his arms with my arms. Then the needle came. He was so happy as it approached wanting to see how it worked, but when it struck OH HOW HE SCREAMED! He Screamed and cried and screamed and cried, but only for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes he stopped screaming and crying and turned to the nurse and began Finger Wagging, emphatically motioning with his arms and yelling at her in baby gibberish!

She was flabbergasted. "I've never had a baby lecture me before." she said.

That Jack he really gave her the business. He was soo emphatic and you could just tell he was ripping a strip right off of her for causing him pain. It was hilarious.

Those who know Jack well have gotten these lectures before. He gave my Dad one when he dunked him under water when swimming once, then also included the lifeguard to ensure she woudln't let my Dad do it again. If Branden and I do something he doesn't like. Out comes the finger wag, lecture and emphatic arm gestures. He almost daily tells the day care ladies to "stop" followed by on of these rousing lectures. And the poor kid always gets laughed at. Because there is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING funnier than getting a lecture from a 17 month old.

Seriously if you see Jack on a regular basis. Please try and make him angry I assure you that you will be greatly entertained by the results.


Laura D. Barton-Eady said...

I waited in line for probably close to 3 hours, and when I got to the front I seen pregnant women just going in. That's when I turned to my mom and asked why it seems I can never be knocked up when it matters. She laughed so hard at me and said my time will come. However I noticed that all the kids in line were all seemingly happy, which caused me to turn around in line and ask if this really WAS the line up to Disneyland like my mom said. At least it was an entertaining 3 hours for me!

Unknown said...

Ahh Poor Jack! I can't wait until he gives me a lecture! Tonnes of fun.

LyndiLou said...

Oh man!!! That's too funny!!! Where'd he learn to lecture like that?!? :P Ha ha ha!!!

Eujean said...

LOL! Oh Jack - you are soooo funny! I missed the lecturing! I wish I saw it on Wednesday - that would have been hilarious. LOL!

Sollywoods said...

I haven't had a good lecture from someone single digits for quite some time. If only Jack knew me - N. Solo