Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bumbo Deuce

Recently we purchased Jack a Bumbo chair. I got it at a garage sale thing for quite cheap and hence it is girly purple (don't mock him, he is a manly enough baby to handle a purple bumbo chair).

Jack for the most part quite thoroughly enjoys his bumbo chair. He likes being able to sit and look around and its quite handy for many occasions. There is only one small problem with the bumbo chair. Jack apparently thinks it is a toilet and quite honestly I get his thinking it looks like a toilet, feels like a toilet, so it must be a toilet. Everytime we set him in his Bumbo chair the boy takes a big juicy dump. Its hilarious and I really hope this means he will be easy to potty train. Also its good because should my baby ever be constipated (as if, pooing is SOO his favourite thing to do) we have an instant bumbo chair cure.

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