Friday, September 12, 2008


I think farting is funny, I really do. I am endlessly fascinated and entertained by farts. Anyone who knows me well could tell you this. You will be hard pressed to make it through a conversation with me without a humorous fart or poo story making its way out of my mouth. I think it is hilarious everytime I toot and laugh psychotically while my husband looks on in terror. Everytime Jack lets one rip Branden and I both laugh uncontrollably. I just love farts, they are HILARIOUS.

I was quite shocked earlier today when I discovered a fart I did not find hilarious. Not hilarious farts occur when you are carrying your stark naked baby boy to the bath tub and he wet farts on your arm. That is not a hilarious fart, no not at all.

(and yes my baby is having naked tummy time in that picture. I feel bad for him being stuck in a diaper all day so after he's recently pooped (so it doesn't happen sans-diaper) we let him have naked tummy time and get some air for his business)

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