Monday, September 15, 2008

Give Away oh Give Away

Jack absolutely loves music, he giggles like a maniac when Branden puts on some music and dances around with him. When we are in stores and music is playing he loves to be bounced to the beat. If you want a smile from him, sing to him. He just loves music and has since he was pretty little. One of the first few smiles I got from him was when I was singing the commercial song "Good things grow in Ontario". Lately he has quite a favourite little diddy though and that is "give said the little stream" He just smiles like crazy when I sing it to him. If I'm holding him close after I feed him and rocking him I'll sing it to him and he gets the most adorable little smile on his face, he grabs my mouth and starts to sing (slash make random noises) along with me. ALWAYS keeping a firm grasp on my mouth and trying his hardest to imitate the motions of it. I've changed the song though to be about him. I sing to him...

Give said the little Jack, little Jack, little Jack
Give said the little Jack as he hurried down the lane.
I'm small I know, but wherever I got the people smile more.
Singing, Singing all the day
Give away oh Give away
Singing, Singing all the day
Give oh Give away

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