Thursday, September 11, 2008

Out of Shape

Some women manage to workout throughout their entire pregnancies, eat only the perfect healthy foods and jump right back to the gym a week after giving birth. I am not and was not one of these women. I didn't put on too much weight during my pregnancy, but I was not such the good one at keeping in shape throughout. The first trimester I rode my bike to and from work every day (about a half hour trip each way) and was in good shape, but as I went into my second trimester it was too cold for bike riding and I gave up on working out. I just felt too tired (although I am quite sure I would have been less tired if I'd actually managed to keep working out, but oh well).

Now almost 4 months after having Jack I'm finally really wanting to get back into shape. I've lost all the actual pounds I put on, but I have less muscle and therefore am still not small enough to fit into all of my prepregnancy clothes. I NEED to work out very badly! So this week I got myself a gym membership and have been going all week and let me tell you I am seriously soo out of shape. I want to die right now my muscles hurt so badly I can barely carry Jack.

I think part of the problem is that I went in thinking I could do all the things I used to do at the gym before I got pregnant (not factoring in how atrophied my body has become in the last 10 months of inactivity). I went in and did half an hour on the eliptical, lifted heavy weights, did hundreds of sit ups and leg pressed to my hearts content and now I am paying for it.

There is something enjoyable in a sore muscle though. As weird as it sounds when my muscles are sore I immediately feel slimmer and in better shape. I know I'm not, but a sore muscle to me feels like a small muscle.

Oh well, if I keep it up I'll hurt for a month or two, but it will all pay off in the end... right??

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Shop Girl* said...

That's awesome Robin! (the gym membership, not the soreness.. haha) I'm trying to work myself up to be brave enough to work out in a gym. I love running because it's so independent and no one is watching... I feel wickedly insecure in a gym though! I feel like everyone is watching! haha