Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chatty Charlie

Jack has been babbling and chatting away for quite sometime now, but until recently it was rather sporadic. The last few weeks he's just talking more and more and more. Seriously the kid never shuts up. At first Branden and I thought it was so cute (and secretly we still do) so we would encourage it and chat with him etc. UNTIL the other night when he laid on the ground under his toy and honestly just chatted for 2 hours straight, with no break. OH MY HOLY HECK! If this kid keeps it up like this he is not going to leave any room for anyone else to talk EVER. I was telling my sister about it on the phone the other day and she said "what do you expect, his parents never shut up either." apparently we are the loudest house ever. Below is a sample of his totally adorable babbling.


Anonymous said...

Sooo freaking cute. Seriously, I love the chattiness. Oh yeah, and I tagged you on my blog...if you get time in your busy day, you should play. :)

Eujean said...

I LOVE how his arms are up in the air still!!! how cute!