Thursday, March 25, 2010

Due Date, Due Date

Today the baby is due.

To be perfectly honest with you I fully expected to have a several day old, if not several week old baby in my arms by now. Jack was early and I expected this one to be early too. I left work super early so I'd be ready (since I wasn't with Jack) and now to spite me and my preparedness this child is apparently bound and determined to be late.

That is just how life works. I left at the last possible minute with Jack and wasn't ready at all and wasn't rested at all and he was early. This one I am sitting around in utter discomfort, twiddling my thumbs waiting for the baby to arrive.

I am just sick of being fat and I'm sick of weird pains. I went to the OB yesturday and she said if she had to place a bet she'd think I had atleast another week before the baby would come. She also said she'd never seen a baby with his head engaged that still managed to have his legs all up in his mothers ribs and lamented my extreme discomfort as the bablet kicked off my ribs with much force and head butted my cervix. OUCH!!

Also Im' sick of not being able to keep up with Jack. He can run faster than his ginormously fat mother now and is using it to his advantage.

Last week I took him to a large community park with several friends and their kids and was taking full advantage of my slow, rotundness. He ran off at full speed for the swings and got butted in the face by a 15 year old high swinging tushy before I could get to him. He almost catapulted off a 3 foot wall but i was luckily able to haul my fat tush up it and down the other side to save him in time, although I sacrificed some pulled muscles in the process and he ran into the community centre and joined in a class before I could catch him. He also got stuck in a covered slide and thank goodness Janeth was there and thin enough to crawl in and get him.

He is QUITE an adventurous soul that child.

Anyways, I dont' want to complain too much. Actually I DO WANT to complain too much but i'm sure many women that have gone far past their due dates would punch me in the face if I complained too much at this point so I won't.. BUt PLEASE let this baby come soon before I die of discomfort and anticipation.

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LyndiLou said...

Hope you're doing well... and that since you posted this a little while ago that you've got your sweet little on here safe and sound. :) Best wishes!