Monday, March 2, 2009

what a week!

Cute picture of Jack that has nothing to do with the post, except that its about him!

Last week was interesting to say the least. It was long, gross, worrisome and tiring! On Wednesday Jack got that hershey squirts and BAD! (for those of you who don't know, the hershey squirts is clearly diahrea!) They lasted all day and he pooped all the way up into and through several sleepers and pairs of socks. It was a catastrophe. Then near the end of the day his little peepie doodle (penis) started looking like it was going to fall off. His poor little cash and prizes (penis) was so swollen and red and every time he peed or pooped he would scream in horrendous pain. We spent all night changing his diaper, checking on it and giving him naked time hoping the air would help. This was all made ever the more unfortunate because my wonderful cousin Zach and his Cousin Keira (a recent highschool graduate and still high school student) were over for dinner and some games and had to bear witness to this giant catastrophe.
After they left it just got worse and worse and Branden and I spent quite a bit of time phoning nurses, his Mom (a nurse) and going back and forth on whether or not to take Jack to the ER. I was terrified if I didn't deal with his ever inflating and reddening whoo whoo pronto it would be rendered useless for life. We eventually ended up calling the ER to ask how long the wait was, it was late at night and Jack was exhausted so we didnt' want to wait forever and just make him worse. the wait was at 7 hours! So we decided to stay home and go to the doctor first thing. It would be about the same time we would have been seen at the ER and Jack would be well rested.

So the next day off to the doctor we go, all the while expecting the worst. A terrible UTI or some random infection. But not so much, apparently just a really bad diaper rash from his squirts being so acidic on his pee pee. She gave us some extra strength rash cream, told us to bathe him every time he went poop-dee-doop and give him mucho naked time and sent us on our way.

Jack enjoying doctor prescribed naked time to give his manhood some air.

Jack later that day ate the rash cream and was such a mess, but his pee pee cleared up very quickly and he is back to normal again. I however still had to tackle the mounty of poopy and cream infested laundry. I spent quite a bit of time on stain removal, but now our lives are back to normal.

Jack after he ate the diaper cream being restrained by his Aunt Sarah.

Jack's many stained clothes from the day.


Kim Hughes said...

Oh my gosh...what a catastrophe. I'm so surprised you weren't cleaning up massive amounts of poop de doop on your carpet with all that air time. And I love all your lingo (as usual) Robin. You make me laugh!

Shop Girl* said...

OHhhhhh Robin! Eek! haha I hope he's over it now!

The Bedke Fam said...

how tragic! poor lil jack and poor mom and dad! i'm glad things are back to normal.

Lindsay said...

FYI - lay the poopy clothes in the sun and the stains will go away. :)