Monday, March 2, 2009


So a few weeks ago my friend and wonderful blogger Shop Girl did an ABC game which I opted to participate in. She assigned me the letter "B" and my task is to list 10 things that I love that start with the letter B. Its taken me forever to get around to it, but I've decided that today I will do it.

1. The Most obvious thing I love that starts with the letter B is Branden. Yup, thats right big shocker I love my husband! Branden is really pretty much the most amazing thing ever and I absolutely adore him. He is the most supportive husband I could hope for, no matter what I want to do he helps me and always encourages me to try new things. I love this about him. Add to that he's hilarious, bodacious and such a major looker and I just love this boy more than I could ever say.

2.Next is Baby. Please notice I say Baby, not babies. I love one baby in particular right now and thats Jack. I mean babies are great. I love to cuddle them and snuggle them, but spend more than a few hours with one. No thanks. Except for Jack, I could snuggle that little boy and play with him every minute of every hour of every day. I majorly dread the day he turns from baby to toddler and its coming far to soon.

3. Number three on my list is Butts, Bums or Booties. I love tushies! Why, you might ask, because they do funny things like fart or poop that make me laugh so hard! Without bums, I would laugh atleast 50% less in a day.

4. Berries. I love berries, strawberries-good, blueberries-delicious, raspberries-I can live with; blackberries-scrumptious. A wonderful berry smoothie in the morning is the right start to the day, berries on waffles AMAZING and a big bowl of strawberries on a hot summer day make the whole world feel better.

5. Baths. I love a good bath, so relaxing. Its the one time of day I can just drift away, its the cure to all my problems in a day. Baths make my sore muscles hurt less, make my mind less stressed and as an added bonus, make me clean(ish).

6. The colour brown. I love brown, its my favourite colour. It was one of my wedding colours and I wear alot of brown. Its just so warm and flattering. LOVE LOVE LOVE the colour brown, its FAR superior to boring old black.

7. Next is Barbeque. Oh how I adore bbq. I miss bbq food (as we don't have one) nothing beats a deliciously barbequed steak or burger.. YUMM!

8.And directly related to that one is Backyard. What I hate most about not owning a house yet is having no BBQ and no backyard. Branden and I both dream of the day of having friends over in our beautiful backyard, sitting on the deck eating delicous BBQ while the kids play on the freshly mown grass...mmmmm..

9. Basketball. I love to play/slash/watch basketball. It (and soccer, but I was not assigned S) are my favourite sports. I'm no good at it, but its fun. Such good exercise and a bit of competition its just amazing fun!

10. And finally, most appropriately is Benediction. Benediction is great because it means church is over and my tired, grumpy baby can go home and sleep and my starving tummy can go home and eat. It means the end of church and the beginning of Sunday afternoon a time of relaxation, naps and PJ's for the whole family. I love me a good benediction.

And thats that folks. Let me know if you want to play and I can give you a letter!


The Bedke Fam said...

you are hilarious! my favorite was seriously had me laughing out loud. who comes up with that?? YOU! love it! and i want to play!!!!! give me something good...

Shop Girl* said...

HAHAH!!! Robin this was GREAT! I agree--Benediction was gold!! Wel done!

Kim Hughes said...

That's almost an "I'm made of dust" photo of Branden...bahahaa. Take that!