Thursday, March 26, 2009

Memory Corner The Oppertunity

Me and Opper on a camping trip a few summers ago

Today I share with you a memory that involves one of my dearest old friends Opper. This guy is hilarious. If you meet him, you love him. I honestly have yet to meet someone that does not adore this kid. He is amazing. That being said he also can bit a SMIDGE of an idiot from time to time and my memory from today definately involves him being an idiot.

It was a wonderful summer evening back in our days of singleness. We were having a ysa bonfire/bbq for our ward out on the farm of a man in our ward's. We were way back in the woods and making an enormous bonfire. When I say enormous I really mean it, like this was a serious stack of wood. Opper was having some trouble getting the bad boy started and we had all gathered around the pile of wood on our camping chairs waiting for it to shed its warmth on us. I watched only mildly interested as Opper tried and failed to light the fire. He then got out a jerry can of gas and poured it all over the pile of wood. I then took more notice as he couldn't find his matched and fumbled around for several moments searching for the matches. Finally he found them and as he struck the match it occured to us... the fumes. someone (I have no clue who) screamed the fumes and you could see the look of horror on opper's face as the match lit ( I might be embellishing the detail here just a bit! haha! I was far to terrified to notice this) Anyways he turned and ran as the match ignited the pile and seriously the biggest fire ball I have ever seen wooshed out from the centre of the fire. It came back a good 3 to 4 feet from the pile of wood and I swear singed us all. We were terrified. I just remember Heather and I cuddling together terrified unable to do anything but laugh as the fire went back to its normal place. It was seriously insane and Opper should not be alive! He wasn't even hurt, just a little freaked out. Seriously though anyone who knows ANY opper should know (from this and other stories I've heard) never let an Opper touch fire!!

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The Bedke Fam said...

haha!! so true... i miss opper!