Sunday, February 8, 2009

He Crawls.... FINALLY

Jack is finally crawling. He's not very good at it.. he kinda looks like a baby giraffe thats been shot in the butt. But he does it and its adorable! Its taken him forever to crawl. I'm pretty sure he just never saw the point, he rolls like crazy. Its been so cute to watch him figure out the million different little roll angles to get to anything he wants. But crawling is even more adorable. Here's some videos, but don't turn on your volume. HONESTLY don't, I'm way to close to the mike and it will be unintelligible and give you a headache!


Shop Girl* said...

SO CUTE!!! Oh my gosh!!

mommy's thoughts! said...

His crawling is so cute! My little guys always started with an army crawl!

The Bedke Fam said...

how fun!! such an exciting time. it's so cute!! better start baby proofing ;)