Thursday, February 5, 2009


Every Wednesday morning the ladies in my area get together at a different persons home for playgroup. Its alot of fun for kids and Mom's alike. Jack lately is really starting to enjoy it more and interact more with the other children (instead of just lying there, ha!). Its really great because there are several kids within a few months of Jack. This week I snapped a few really cute pictures of Jack playing with his friend Luke, who is about a month younger than him. They were so cute together! I loved it! And yes my apartment is hideously messy in the pictures, but in my defense there were half a dozen kids playing with all those toys at one point or another.


The Bedke Fam said...

i think your apt. looks FUN not hideously messy. lol. it must be nice to have some friends with babies around the same age. go playgroup!

Shop Girl* said...

Ok seriously Robin... I'm pretty sure you have the cutest kid in the world. I love his facial expressions! haha