Wednesday, October 8, 2008

General Conference

General Conference was an interesting experience for us this year. It was our first conference with a baby and it definately did not result in as much spiritual enlightenment as it normally does. First we didnt' make it to many sessions because since Jack has been the lack of sleep baby lately, we were busy napping! Sunday  morning though we woke up early with the best of intentions. We headed over to our friends Elaine and John's house and made their family a waffle breakfast and then we all headed to the church for conference together. Jack was remarkably well behaved (he is not too frequently well behaved at church, it falls right at his nap time and therefore equals him being a grouch) but he was so good. I fed him and then he fell asleep on John which was a miracle because he hates sleeping in public, but maybe the room being dark for conference helped or something. All was well until suddenly John felt his front getting a little too warm. Thats right my son had peed right through is very recently changed diaper all over himself and John. I ran off to the bathroom with Jack and his clothes were DRENCHED and this of course was the Sunday I had forgotten to bring an extra outfit (I usually have atleast an extra sleeper with me) so I get my baby out of his soaking wet clothes and into a new diaper and do the walk of shame back into the meeting with my ghetto diaper only baby to collect his stuff and father and take him home to get some clothes (it was freezing!). While i am doing this, John has had to go home and change his whole outfit, he was also soaked in pee. Man oh Man, what a Sunday.

When I got home I gave Jack a big lecture about peeing on people. We advised him that if he keeps on bodily functioning on our friends we will have none left. I hope he understood!


The Bedke Fam said...

this is so funny. he must have had a profuse amount of pee or something! i love the pic of him. he's just so cute.

LyndiLou said...

Ohhh... poor little guy and poor friend. I hope he listened to your advice too! ;)