Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Umbilical Cord Story

If you know Branden and I at all you know almost every important event in our life passes with some sort of catastrophe or entertaining story attached to it. We don't seem to be able to pass any milestone without some sort of hitch, which usually frustrating at the time becomes a hilarious story to tell our friends afterwards. The loss of Jack's umbilical cord was another in our long line of catastrophic stories, however it was only hilarious not at all frustrating.

When Jack was just over a week old (8 days to be precise) we went over to our friends Jon and Jenn's house for dinner on a Sunday evening. After dinner Jenn and I were changing Jack's diaper and discussing how his umbilical cord was about to come off in the next day or two, we were looking right at and discussing the umbilical cord as we re-dressed him so we should have seen what happened next, but we somehow missed it.

Several moments later we notice their dog Bailey had something in her mouth, we went to check what it was and lo and behold it was Jack's umbilical cord. Jon quickly rushed to save the precious stem cells from Bailey and was left with the fear that Bailey would grow a second tongue. It was ridiculous!! We have no clue how it happened, but iy was quite catastrophic and quite hilarious. I made sure to document the momentous occasion in photo's. So for your viewing pleasure...

This is the culprit, Bailey.

This is Branden disgustedly throwing out the umbilical cord.

Me, the proud Mama that he finally lost his revolting umbilical cord.

My disgusting shirt, after the cord fell off I got precious stem cells all skid marky down my shirt from cuddling Jack.

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Kelli Brewer said...

I love that you refer to it as "precious stem cells". :)