Friday, June 20, 2008

One Fact for One Month

So my friend Jenn has a blog which I enjoy to read very much. In fact it is what has prompted me to begin my own blog (and Jenn I hope you don't mind) but I have decided to copy her idea. As her son ages each month she does a number of facts about him for how old he is and I just love it so I'm going to do it to.
So a few days late we have Jack's first One Fact for One Month

1. Jack farts like a man. Seriously no baby farts here. If I am in the other room and Branden is holding him I will hear farts from the other room at the other end of the apartment and have no way of distinguishing whether it was Branden or Jack (and Branden isn't exactly quite in his flatulence). When we were visiting my parents ward a few Sundays ago Jack let loose in Relief Society and it was so loud and magnificent it interupted the entire lesson! The teacher stopped and everyone stared. It was hilarious! Also his toots smell exactly like his Dads, its the weirdest thing EVER. Branden has signature toots, they all smell the same and I could pick them out of a crowd, and Jack's have the exact same signature. Its bizarre! My mom says I deserve this magnificent tooting baby. Both Branden and I have always found bodily functions hilarious and spent way too much of our life discussing them, hence we have my one month old that farts like a man.

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