Saturday, June 21, 2008

Solicited Advice

As a new mother you receive all kinds of advice from well meaning, more experienced Mothers. Some of it is unsolicited and quite obnoxious at times as you feel everyone thinks you are the worst new mother of all time. There is however a wonderful kind of advice, the solicited kind.

Other than my Mother (who I consult on a daily basis and would probaly die without) I have one main source I go to when I'm in need of advice and that is my good friend Jenn. Jenn is the one who taught me how to work a breast pump when I had no clue, showed me the ins and outs of carseats when I had no clue and many, many more things.

This morning she helped me once again as I floundered through another new experience for me and Jack. Jenn, Ben, Jack and I all spent the morning Garage Saleing (a new Saturday morning tradition) and then we went back to Jenn's house, while at Jenn's house my dear baby Jack had the biggest poop I have ever seen in all my life. Jack is a frequent pooper, having 4 to 8 poops per day so there is never very much in there and it most certainly never explodes out the sides. So I don't know what was happening this morning when he had the largest and most explosive poop of all time. It went right out the sides of his diaper, dripped down his little legs, got all up in his grill and all over my jeans. It was quite a catastrophe and I honestly had no clue what to do. I just stood there looking like an idiot, holding a poopy Jack. But trust Jenn the baby expert to step in and save me. She got him undressed, wiped down (using about a zillion wipes compared to my normal one) and even got one of Ben's old outfits for him to wear. What i would do without a friend like her. I think had I been at home alone I would have just dumped him in the tub clothes and all I was so icked out by the dripping poop.

So this post is for Jenn and her solicited and much apreciated advice.


Eujean said...

wow Jenn - I am so impressed! and did you read my poop story Robin? lol - at least he wasn't playing with the poop :)

Cutest Kids on the Block said...

You know who to call with any more poop problems Robin! I got your back:)
My favorite part of this blog was "up in his grill!" Peed in my pants...for real... okay not really...

Cutest Kids on the Block said...

oh I also couldn't help but notice your nice comments you have been getting! Must be very encouraging and flattering to know who your blog fans are...I on the other hand have been keeping mine for the last year with a total of 6 comments!!! Pass some of your commenting readers my way...I am going to start looking up IP addresses and hunt down my silent readers! Rant over.