Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Best and Worst Baby??

Since Branden and I have had Jack we've noticed that just about everyone likes to regale you with stories of how their baby is the best baby, the brightest baby, the strongest and most beautiful baby, but also how there baby is the worst, hardest to raise, least sleeping, most fussy baby. And we've come to wonder how on earth can your baby be both the best and the worst baby in the world.

I'm pretty sure that what people want you to believe is that their baby is the best baby ever (which of course if all parents were being honest we ALL believe), but also that they are the best, most hard working parent. Which in all honesty is hard not to believe as well. There are many nights when I am waking up for the 12th time with my little Jack that I in my state of sleep deprived delerium honestly believe that no parent ever was this patient or loving as I am at that very moment.

When I observe other parents in the same sentence telling me of the perfectness, yet utter horridity of their child I laugh inside and think how ridiculous they are. Then when I get home that night and watch my precious baby lift his head and kick his legs and smile at his Mommy I think what a perfect child I have and as I maintain my composure while he screams into my ear for hours on end at 3am I find myself thinking what a hard baby he is and how wonderful I am. Its really quite ridiculous and I am then forced to laugh at myself.

The truth is that in most aspects I am a perfectly average parent and in most aspects Jack is a perfectly average child. We all have our amazing points. My little man has some of the strongest legs I've ever seen in an infant and even the doctors think he is super alert and good with neck control But will that matter in 5 years, or even 5 weeks. No. All that matters is that I love my little boy more than anything and he loves me and that makes me a great parent and him a great baby.


jjandb said...

I just wrote a blog entry on the exact same topic lol !!!

Eujean said...

what a sweet entry - i love it robin.