Saturday, June 21, 2008


I consider myself very, very lucky to have the husband that I do. No matter how much Branden drives me insane somedays (and trust me he does drive me insane somedays) I love him more than anything and really am lucky to have such a loving and helpful husband.

The thing I think I like best about my husband, an attribute I"m trying my hardest to learn from him and hope our baby Jack inherits is his bluntness. Branden can come off a little harsh at first because he just speaks it as it is. But it is sooo easy living with a person who just always tells you what he is thinking. I never have to worry about what he's thinking and why, because he tells me. I never worry he's lying to protect my feelings, because he doesn't (even when I ask him to). My husband is the most honest and blunt person in the world and I love it. Some people probaly wouldn't, but I do. Now there are bad points to this bluntness like when I look hideous in an outfit I definately hear about it, but thats good in my eyes because it gives me the chance to change before I go out in public looking repulsive. I think that Branden's bluntness (and the bluntness I've learned to return to him) has made our relationship so much better and I appreciate that so much from him.

Branden is also pretty much the most loving person you will ever find. Not a day goes by that he doesn't tell me and show me dozens of times how much he loves me and nhow much he loves Jack. Again people probaly wouldn't realize this at first about Branden, but he's really a loving person. Everyday he makes an effort to tell me what I'm doing well, how beautiful he thinks I am (even though I currently have a gastric bypass patient stomach left over from wonderful Jack) and what a wonderful Mother I am. Its really quite wonderful that I get to hear these things every day.

Branden is also so helpful. Whenever I need something all I have to do is ask and he will do his best to serve me and get it done. I try my hardest not to take advantage of this because it is tempting sometimes to just ask for everything so I can be lazy, but I think that would backfire because then he would probaly lose this magnificent quality.

Anyways, who knows why, but I"m feeling mushy and entirely too in love with my husband today. He's away today (golfing with Jon and then in Brampton with this guy friends) from 7am to about midnight and I miss him profusely and apparently it has made me a big pile of mush.


Rachel said...

so cute! love the mushy! Today is my 11 year anniversary. We are still crazy about each other! Glad to see you guys are too!

Cutest Kids on the Block said...

Aw mush! Go B-ran...

mommy's thoughts! said...

That is such a great picture of the two of you!