Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jack Explosion and Another Type of Explosion

Lately Jack has exploded in his development. He’s gone from drunken staggering to being able to walk fairly competently between things atleast. Distance is still an issue, but he’s getting better by the minute. He’s saying more and more words: Mama, dada, baba and up. He’s quite a little copy cat now and Branden and him love to have raspberry blowing contests. He’ll clap and wave goodbye and hello. He loves to yell and yell, he pretty much thinks it’s the funniest thing ever. He’ll scream at the top of his lungs as long as he can until his face is about to explode and then laughs at himself like crazy. He dances so cute when Branden and I are playing guitar hero world tour.He pretty much just leeches onto one of our legs and shakes his arms around like a crazy person. He’s just getting cuter and funner by the day.

And now onto the other explosion. This past Friday I was at a girls night and several girls were discussing the enjoyability of flax and the health benefits of it. So I decided to be healthy and bought some over the weekend for Jack and I to try. I’ve been adding it to my cereal in the morning and his oatmeal and let me tell you it has increased the efficacy of my bm’s and Jack’s A LOT. Which I don’t’ know how I feel about it, since I’ve always been a regular girl to begin with and Jack is more than regular. I’m okay with the effects on me, but him.. BLECK I have to clean that crap up times a lot more now. NOT FUN! But I think I’ll power through and keep it up, because it is healthy and all. Trust me though every time Jack has an explosive diaper I will be cursing you Cheryl and Jenn.


jjandb said...

You linked to my blog!!! Bless you Robin, bless you!

Make sure you ground up the flax, or buy flax meal (already ground) because the nutrients aren't absorbed you have probably noticed from Jack's diapers...they are coming out like they went in. Still act as fiber though if nothing else but you want the omega's from them.

Happy Flaxing:)

The Bedke Fam said...

jack's so cute!! i love that he's walking now and we witnessed his first steps. lol. and i love your background. it might have been up for a while but i don't have internet. sad day! i love the flaxness. so silly!