Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bath Time Woes

Bath time with Jack lately has been a little bit in the tricky side of the spectrum. He LOVE, LOVE ,LOVES bath and always has, but he gets a little too excited for his own good sometimes. He just won’t sit still. He crawls from one end to the other non-stop the entire bath. He will not sit still no matter what toys I lure him in with. So we have to bath on the go. Scrub his tush as he crawls away, his face as he crawls toward (the face is relatively easy though since he likes to shove his face under the running faucet) and thank goodness for tear free shampoo since the shampooing is done on the run and there is no way to tip him back so the water and shampoo doesn’t run off right into his adorable little face. But it’s a workout! Any Moms or just smart people in general out there have any ideas on how to get the little nugget to sit the heck still?


Eric and Hilary said...

oh my gosh! i have the exact same problem with sierra. she is the most ADD child i have ever met! she wont sit still for one second. she is constantly crawling all over the place, slipping, trying to climb up the side of the bath and then fall back down on her butt. then if i try to lay her back to rinse her hair she starts kicking profusely and i get soaked! it's really pretty hilarious but my back is always killing me by the time were done. so basically i have no advice for you except that i sympathize with you and let me know if you come up with something. it will be hilarious to get these two little monsters together, they will attack each other!

terahreu said...

Robin - Your little guy is too cute! Enjoy every second. I know only old people (like me) say this, but it is entirely too true!