Saturday, May 2, 2009


Well I'm slow writing, but Branden has had this week off so we've been busy and Jack's birthday party is today later on and I've been soooo busy getting all the details for that ready. but I have a few minutes right now and Jack is off with Branden directing traffic for some Osmond thing thats going on with the church so I thought I would blog.

Monday night Branden and I spent our first night away from Jack. I missed him alot, but it was less than I thought I would, mainly because we had SO much fun! I forgot to take any pictures though so my words will have to suffice.

Monday we dropped Jack off at Branden's parents in the late morning, they were kind enough to watch him for us. Then we went over to my friend Opper and his wife Natalie's house in Toronto for lunch. It was so good to see him, since we hardly do anymore. they made us a delicious lunch, then we went and got the most amazing gelato. It was great.

Then we went to our hotel in downtown toronto. It was really nice and we had a King bed, which was so nice! I really want one of those one day! We got changed and went out and did some shopping. Went for a really nice dinner at City Grill. It was so nice to shop and eat dinner without Jack. It went so fast compared to what we are used to.

Then we went back to our hotel room for the night and the next morning it was pouring, so our plans for much outdoor walking were cancelled so we went to ikea to get Jack a toy chest and some other assorted items. We picked up Jack and spent some time with Branden's Mom. Jack seemed like he had tons of fun, he didn't miss us at all but he certainly was excited to see us when we got there.

It was so great to just get away and spend some time alone. I recommend doing that to anyone, its so refreshing. We're going to take advantage of my parents next time sometime later this summer and get away for a day or two again!


Eujean said...

Awww - sounds like you guys had an awesome time!!! Happy Anniversary! :)

LyndiLou said...

Yahoo for Anniversary's! :) I'm glad you had fun together! You guys are sooo cute!

Shop Girl* said...

Aww that sounds so nice! I'm glad you were able to take a mini-holiday. Happy anniversary!

The Bedke Fam said...

how fun! sounds like a great time away together.