Saturday, December 6, 2008

I wish I was rich so I could afford a Green Screen

How funny would a baby be if you owned your very own green screen and your very own green suit. Imagine how much more hilarious all the bizzare things I make Jack do would be if you couldn't see that I was making him do them.. like when I play shaken baby syndrome with him (a game where I shake his booty while he laughs uncontrollably) it would be HILARIOUS if you just saw him shake shake shaking and laughing.

Man, when I become a millionaire I'm buying a green screen and no matter how old I am having another baby!


LyndiLou said...

Robin... I'm sure every comment I leave I say this... but you crack me up!!! I can honestly say I've never put a green screen on my wish list, but I see your point! ;)

Sarah Webb said...

We have a green screen that we got free with some video editing equiptment. No suit though. I've never used it for more than a green background. What other things might you do with it?