Friday, December 12, 2008

Letters to Branden Part 1

Branden is away today, he left early this morning with his Mom. He's gone to his parents house to spend boy time with his brother and friend Russell who is just getting back from being away with the army for 4 months. He's gone until Monday morning, which is the longest ever and especially since Jack has been born. Part of me is excited because I LOVE alone time, part of me is scared because I've never been all alone with not even 10 minutes of relief with Jack before for that long and part of me misses him already, so I decided to write him an email each day giving him an update on life at our house while he is gone. It's below (keep in mind jack is a NUTBALL whenever one of us is missing, he just prefers his parents together and with attention glued to him!)

Hey Babe!

Since you are gone for a few days I've decided to email you a daily update on the happenings of the wife and son you left behind and let me tell you, did you ever choose a good day to leave. You son has been a nutball today! We have no semblance of schedule or normalcy and as I write this he is screaming his head off in the background so loud I cannot hear the girls of Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants over-emote on the screen.

After you left I changed Jack (from the vomiting incident I'm sure you remember fondly) once he was naked he pretty much refused to be re-dressed he screamed and yelled and kicked, so I let him hang out naked for a bit before finally forcing him into clothing, much to his protest. He then promptly fell asleep on my hip ( I think the tantrum wore him out!) So I put him down for a nap at 11:30 since I was terrified to wake the cranky monster and force him to wait for his normal nap time. I had a very nice 2 hour break and then he woke up so happy and nice and cuddly. He was being totally adorable and he just sat for over half an hour cuddling on my lap until he decided it was time to break free. He then screamed and rolled for along time... He got under my rocker and I narrowly saved him from getting rocked right in the skull.. he rolled under the chair and got entangled in its legs and he half crawled he got his left arm and leg going , but the right side remained dead so he kinda just went in a wierd circle and then collapsed in tears! so back to bed he went for a mere half hour.

He awoke and screamed and rolled and screamed and rolled and found paper somehow and ate that paper and screamed and rolled and wanted to be picked up, then put down, then up, then down. He was very indecisive today! I decided to feed him, we tried Prunes to get his juices flowing (looking back I'm not quite sure why I chose pooping prunes while you were gone and all diapers fall to me, but oh well!)

Seriously Branden the kid LOVED prunes. I took a video for you because he was so cute. He would kick and get all excited whenever another bite was coming, check it out....

Then I decided I was tired and wanted a bath. so I set him up on the bathroom floor with towels all under him, he usually just lies there and plays, but not today (the kid is getting far to mobile for his own good!) so while I was oblivious he rolled all the way over to the doorway and grabbed onto that boingy noise making door stopper thing and grabbed on and PULLED I heard it boing and snapped to attention just to see the kid pulling it and the baseboard along with it right of the wall! I know its not secured very well, but still.. thats crazy. check out his destruction....

I jumped out of the bathtub and grabbed him before that thing could boing and hurt his hand.. it was a catastrophe.

Then bathtime for him where he kicked so violently he splashed water ALL over me and now I'm enduring to 7:30 he's tired and whiny and crazy, but I'm trying to force him to stay up until 7:30 (thinking selfishly of my own wake up time tomorrow morning)

wish me luck the next few days, our son apparently gets insane when you are gone!

I love you and miss you so much (and so does Jack!)

PS. as I was about to press send I heard grunting and toots in the background and this happened.

(here in the email a picture of Jack's humungously poop rear end was attached, but I won't subject anyone but Branden to that hideous sight!)

I will however share the picture of how happy he was as I wiped his stinky tush! so happy when he yucks his Mommy out!

apparently prunes work their magic fast.

PPS Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 sucks hard just like you said it would. I should listen to you more often.

PPPS yes Im' gross for sending you a picture of your sons poop, but I just didn't want you to miss anything!

Seriously though Jack is just getting crazily mobile lately. Usually while we are getting ready in the morning we set him on the middle of the bed and he can't roll (he's an expert roller on the floor, but we have a HUGE puffy pillow top and he sinks in alot and it inhibits him, but apparently not anymore) He rolled almost to the edge and we saved him just as he was half dangling over the edge (and the pictures below are so staged after the fact, yes I'm a nerd!)

Anyways I look forward to Branden returning, being a single parent is not fun!

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That video is super cute!