Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Six Facts for Six Months

Jack was 6  months old as of yesturday. I can't believe he is soo old! The last six months have been the best I've had yet, also the hardest and I can't believe how fast they have gone by. I was really, really hoping my sister would have her little baby boy yesturday, but no such luck. I though it would be cute if they were exactly 6 months apart, but oh well they will be close enough.

Here is Jack's facts for now

1. Jack thinks his feet are the greatest thing in the world. If you tap his foot to  his nose its a guaranteed smile/slash/laugh fest.

2.Jack loves to sit, he's become such a sitting champ lately. The only problem comes when he doesn't want to sit anymore he doesnt' know how to get out of sitting position so he just screams until I get him or he falls.

3. Jack is just the most pleasant baby on the planet now. he's alwasy been a really good baby, but was a smidge fussy sometimes and clingy. Now he will go to anyone, do anything and he just smiles and laughs and is just so agreeable. Its great. He still definately has grouchy days and moments, but he is just getting more amazing by the day.

4. Jack is finally getting hair! thank goodness. Its not exactly thick and lustrous yet, but he's definately got a thin layer covering his whole head now.. its sooo cute and soft. I love it. ITs soo long right at the back so it sticks straight up back there... so cute!

5. Jack is trying super hard to crawl, but he just ends up swimming on the floor. He hasn't figured out getting his body off the floor yet so he does the crawling motions ont he floor. its sooo cute. Occasionally he gets his tushy up and lunges forward and bifs his face of the floor. It makes me laugh!

6. Jack has the flirtiest smile I have ever seen. He is just so cute and whenever someone makes eye contact with him he gives this winning, adorable, charming, perfect smile. you can't help but love this amazingly flirty kid!

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