Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well its been almost 4 months since Dean was born and my excuses are running out so this week I finally joined a gym.

I lost all the weight I gained with Dean right away, but I was packing a few extra before I got pregnant with him and i really want to lose the weight. I really can't blame my "mommy tummy" on my kids much though (except the stretched out skin) because I didn't put on much in either of my pregnancies and both times I had lost the weight before my 6 week check up. But I have weight to lose because I got lazy after having Jack and put some of the weight on and then got knocked up again before I could lose it so ya... I need to lose the chunk.

I've been to the gym 3 times since I joined on Friday and I feel good... and awful. SEriously my muscles are dead but it feels sooo good to be dead like this. Today I went to a class. A bosu Ball class and holy work out. I almost passed out and died but i made it through. I thought it was the beginner level class but the instructor advised me halfway through (as she noticed the PUDDLE of sweat forming beneath me as I grunted and moaned) that it was advanced. So I'm pretty proud i didn't actually die.

I need to keep motivated because I really want to get back to my when I got married weight and that is further away than I care to ever admit.

Wish me luck!

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The Bedke Fam said...

Way to go Robin! I always dread working out until I get into a routine and realize how good it feels. As of right now, I'm in the dreading stage! :) Can't wait to see you this weekend!