Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finger Painting


It has been ages since I have blogged and with all the holiday-ness that has occurred I have quite honestly felt to overwhelmed to begin. But as several people have pointed out to me it is time to return to my blog and since I am still too overwhelmed for holiday tackling I'll start with something new and fun.

Last week Branden and I were discussing doing more organized things with Jack instead of just playing/tickling/slash/throwing him around we thought maybe he was in need of some activities. Boy were we wrong, but some entertainment did occur.

So in our discussion we determined to try finger painting. I grabbed some finger paints and bristol board from the local dollar star and on Friday we tried our new activity. Being parents with much foresight (ha!) we stripped him down to his diaper and let him have at it. All went quite well at first he was very entertained by the gooshiness and slidiness of the paint and since he was only in a diaper it didn't matter that when he got excited by this he was smacking his thighs in an uproarious manner. He got paint everywhere and we didn't care until his adorable old habit of sucking his thumb smacked us right in the face. He shoved that blue/white and green thumb right on in his mouth without either of us even noticing.

The best shot we could get while hurriedly trying to whip him off to the tub.

Branden noticed first and gave a yelp and began making sure the paint was non-toxic (it of course was) I whipped that thumb out of his mouth so fast and was able to see the damage, his teeth, lips and tongue were a variety of colours and he looked quite angry about the bad taste! Unfortunately mine and Branden's somewhat surprised reactions somewhat scared the dear boy and when he's scared he sucks his thumb so as we wrestled him down the to tub (making sure to stop for the camera) and tried to wipe of his thumb and mouth we were fighting that old habit and let me tell you my baby has some serious muscles when he wants his thumb. It was quite hilarious and we have his short lived artwork proudly displayed on our fridge. But believe me we will not be trying activities again until the child understands finger paints and thumb sucking are not friends.

Jack's finished artwork


Eric and Hilary said...

hilarious! and his painting is actually quite attractive!

Shop Girl* said...

YAY! I missed your blog, but I understand how things get busy...

Jack's piece almost looks abstract... haha! Love it!